Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Okay, forget all of that voting nonsense that no one really took seriously anyway. I've found who I would pick to fulfill the role as a RL Succubus. Kelly Brook.

Alan Strutt, a fairly famous skins photographer, captured the above image as part of an amazing Kelly Brook spread you can easily find through a Google search. The lighting, the contrast, the darkness... screams Succubus, doesn't it?

I think so.


Anonymous said...

holy crap

Anonymous said...

doesnt scream succubus, but it's close.

be better if she had a whip... then i may agree with you.


Anonymous said...

and eww you took my link down?

i see how it is.

elitest jerk. >.>

-jade, again.

EvilCheeseWedge said...

Jade's on an anoynmous commenting spree! :O

and /agree about Jago taking down the links

I'm going to be sending him some nasty emotes next time I see him!6

JAGOeX said...

Well tickle me emo.

I'm separating personal blogs with more source-based blogs. Two different sections -- the other isn't posted yet. QQ =P

Zyphre said...

Hmmm. Is this due to your pregnancy? Hope you don't go crazy hehe.

But Ill go ahead and agree based on the photo.

JAGOeX said...

Haha. No. I'm into photography -- all types. The wife is too. She appreciates this kinda thing with me. It's all for the sake of art.

I mean, if a picture can make you look at it and go "that's hawt as hell," props to the photographer imho. The lighting, pose, development -- it's what makes a pic pop.