Friday, October 26, 2007

Changes in the Loot

Remember running through Shadowfang Keep back in the day, having the Robes of Arugal drop, and the clothie-casters in the group going nuts because a Huntard rolled on it? "It has Agility," they would say. And, as much as I hate to admit it, they were totally right, and completely justified to roll. The same could be said of the Belt of Arugal and Feline Mantle even, and I never really understood it. Why did Blizzard include Agility on what is otherwise the epitome of low-level caster gear???

Well, if Patch 2.3 says anything about the matter, it's that Bliz made a mistake, and omg have they gone above and beyond themselves in making things right. For example, not only do the refreshed Robes of Arugal lack Agility, but they have gained an Equip stat of + 12 Spell Damage and Healing! The Belt of Shoulder pieces have seen similar transformations as well. Pretty sweet.

To see comparison stats between Live items and their refreshed counterparts on the PTR, head over to MMO Champion, where they've compiled an amazing list of items that have seen some pretty significant changes. They are sorted by Dungeon, which is nice, and seem to display some pretty interesting patterns. One thing I noticed while scouring the items was that resistances seem to have taken a pretty big hit, being regularly replaced with + Damage, for example. Maybe Bliz finally realized that Resist gear at that kind of level is just a bit too specific and even unnecessary. Good changes imho.

So there ya go. Lots of incoming changes in the loot that will definitely give low-levels a reason to celebrate. And finally, no more rolling against melee for caster gear FTW. =)

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