Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Is Brewfest a Bust?

I can't help but be very disappointed with what I'm seeing... or NOT seeing... in Durotar lately. When Brewfest first began several days ago, it was a bustling pot of activity with many different things to do. There was the pink elephant quest, which was repeatable (I did it twice) before it was completely removed (or bugged out or whatever happened). There was the Dark Iron Dwarf event every hour on the half, which drew a ton of participation, and was a main source of Brewfest Prize Ticketry. Now, after the changes that took place shortly after the festival began, we're left with a single daily "Barking" quest and another racing quest of sorts... and that's it. No active events to participate in. Nothing of that sort. And the items, well, there are very few you can actually keep once Brewfest is over, which was a bummer from the start. So what does that leave us with?

One deserted festival. =(


EvilCheeseWedge said...

It's sad, but I'd rather see the buggy stuff gone then left in. I think one of the problems is that WoW is just too big for... big events like this. Maybe it'd even be better if the festival location was split for 1-60, and 60-70... just anything to keep absolutely everybody from grouping up in the same spot, which just makes everything miserable even a good connection and good server. Especially when people are /emote spamming :(

Jesyka said...

Blizzard doesnt actually do a lot of testing on the ptr's... not with important shit. Hence today's patch that fixed a lot of obvious technical bugs. So you expected a new holiday that was 'tested' to go well? Lol.

One day you'll learn Jago... one day. But until then... go ahead and QQ... it's okay<3


JAGOeX said...

Tested well or not - this one lacks so much more on an entirely different level. I mean, it may not have been meant to be on the scale of bigger, more festive holidays, but wtf @ that minimal-ness of it all.

Jesyka said...

lol i think blizz may have went a little too far with it's content based on it's minimum age requirement... annnd slowly killing the festival was their way of making up for it?

There was a Christian group that seriously did act out against the Brewfest content. I'm too lazy to find the link >.>

JAGOeX said...

I heard about that, and also that alcoholics who found shelter in WoW are getting their drink on.

New slogan: "Blizzard Ruins Lives."


Anonymous said...

the pink elephant quest wasn't a daily...... it was a one time quest but was reset because it was bugged for some players.... The people who did it before it got reset got to do it again.

Anonymous said...

It was a daily originally cause when I did it it counted toward the daily total.

~ B of A

JAGOeX said...

Ya know, I honestly would believe that either is the case, which is why I put those qualifiers into the original post. I'd heard many people saying that it applied to their daily quest limit, but also, that Bliz had to reset it so that those who couldn't accept the quest would have a shot at it.