Monday, October 15, 2007

When to Team Quit?

I'm not much of a PvPer -- haven't been since hanging up my once insanely-epic High Warlord gear, which had depreciated to the point where vendors in the Undercity refused to buy them from me. But I still have had sparks here and there where my interest in PvP was peaked a bit. In such instances, I would dabble with it when such opportunities presented themselves. However, and especially lately, those opportunities occur less and less, and when they do, they just don't feel the same way they used to.

The main reason for the change in my response to PvP was the change in the system itself. A change which occurred at a time when I was not interested in Player vs. Player play in the least bit, having completed the draining and regrettable Rank 14 venture. As a result, Arena play started, Resilience was introduced, and I was left behind on both fronts. Only recently was I a part of any Arena team, and while I did and do appreciate the amount of planning and coordination Arena play requires, I can honestly say that I just didn't care for it.

Now, don't mistake what I'm saying. It's not that I didn't want to care for it, because I truly wished to get better and learn the ins and outs of the 2500-rated Arena Warlock, but given the time I would have to put in, and the inconsistent attendance issues my arena teams faced, my natural reaction was a passive one -- I chose not to care. Otherwise, well, you know what happens to people who invest too much of themselves into this game...

Being in a position of passivity, which seemed to be the case for my teammates as well, we just didn't try that hard to do well. As a result, we never broke 1700. We would end up cramming our games in just before server restarts. On many occasions, we'd have a new player involved, which affected our win-loss ratio big time due to the lack of team chemistry. And, we'd only play to reach the 10 game minimum, so we could get our points (as little as they may be). How on earth could we possibly get better in an environment like that?

We couldn't, and we didn't.

The irony in all of this is that my passivity eventually became my bane. I was annoyed, and felt a little disgraced that I was taking a slacker's lack-luster approach to PvP. The Arena experience felt like a cheap pathway to epics instead of a mode of self improvement, and while I didn't and don't care for PvP the way I once did, that doesn't mean that it's okay for me to half-ass it. If I'm going to do it, I'm gonna rock it. Otherwise, it's best I don't associate myself with it at all.

When I made that realization not too many days ago, I emailed my teams owner, a friend, and let him know that I'd be leaving. I explained that the scheduling issues where too much to overcome, and having no course of action for the mediocrity of our performance did not sit well with me at all. Our inconsistencies would not allow for improvement, so, it was time to go. He hasn't responded, but I hope he understands.

Much like the decision to leave a guild or a server, leaving an Arena team is a difficult one. But when your team's situation does not allow for self-improvement, or for whatever it is you are wanting from your Arena experiences, and no matter the effort, then it is time to go. Then and only then will you truly have the opportunity to find what you're looking for -- something even the UC vendors may find worthwhile. =)


Anonymous said... silly.
it's all good bro.
sometimes we know when things work out and when it doesn't. almost just the same as a guild.

i think it's on both parts tho. for one, the fault lies on me as my rogue is an alt and has been for awhile. the other part would be that me and nikki is always on snz vent even if I am not on alex. we are easily accessible.

but i do believe that given enough playtime we would have a killer 2k squad. the talent was there. the only concern i had was with auburne. he's a great guy. but i know what battle pally's do and he didn't have it.

but as far as arena being a cheap way to get me. once you play in the 2k brackets..things get rough. it's not just about gear..but gear, class knowledge, strats, and commitment.

the highest rated horde team is bart' took them this long to even break 1800 in this scrub battlegroup. and believe me when i say rampage just isn't a top pvp group despite illidan taking S1 top honor.

we could've torn this battlegroup apart given enough time. but that is the issue. :(

who knows tho, maybe darcla will spark a resurgence in alex pvp.

six tha seven.

JAGOeX said...

Thanks Six. Yeah, there were just too many variables working against us. I'm glad we gave it a shot though -- it was a good introduction to Arena for sure.

When I said "cheap method of getting epics," I meant that's how it felt. I know the top-rated teams work very hard and earn what they get in the short amount of time it takes them to receive it. But stacking a low amount of Arena points each week and hording it for awesome gear just isn't as satisfying, and feels, well, "cheap" was a good word. :)

Thanks for the response Six. Sorry my schedule didn't mesh. I hope the D can work things out so that there is a bit more consistency. I'll be keeping an eye out for you guys -- hopefully at the top. =)

Jesyka said...

arena can be a short and sweet venture every week if you have the same few players and they're consistant. then you can cram in 10 games a week and maintain the respectable rating at which you desire... but as you said, the lack of effort on everyones part to be consistant, yeah... that kills the opportunity to not be hardcore about it.

just a heads-up, im pretty sure we have a few Gladiator players inc allyside for season 2. :) At least someone on the server shows some kind of dedication, right? >.>

btw, im pretty in the air about the game atm. catch me on sometime soon, vent or otherwise... i wanna talk to you about some stuff :)

JAGOeX said...

Sure thing. =)

Zyphre said...


Real teams ftw.

Zyphre said...

Also, I know sixis already covered this but really.

Arena is anything but a cheap way to get epics imho. I mean people that buy points are paying up the ass for it ;)

I think the good way to put how I feel about arena is..

You can't loot skill.