Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Warcraft Casting Call

We've all heard about the Warcraft movie that is currently in production and slated for an '09 release. And while I shudder at the thought of another video game movie gone wrong (Street Figher, Super Mario Bros, etc.), I can't help but keep slightly interested, looking forward to emerging details as they become available.

One such issue that I don't think has been addressed is the approach to casting. How much will specific classes play a role in the casting call? Will there be a single main representative for each class or a large unorganized group of individuals? If there is going to be a main representative, who will play the Warlock lead???

If I were to choose Warcraft's main 'lock, I would have very little trouble. I mean, there are only a few in Hollywood that would be up for the challenge, and amongst them, only one that is the epitome of the Warlock class. That person, is Christopher Walken, ladies and gentlemen. Not only does he have the look (one freaky mofo), but he's also got the style, and lord knows 'locks pwn style! And he's a fabulous dancer too. Like a Warlock, he pretty much excels at everything he does. A+ imho.

Hell, screw just limiting the guy to playing one class. Make him the ENTIRE cast! Sure the dialogue would require the movie to be at least 9 hours, but how incredibly awesome would that be! Dear goodness, the love scenes alone would be worth it.

So what do you guys think? Who would you like to see play THE Warlock, or any other class for that matter, and why?


Anonymous said...

lol oh you know he plays a warlock in real life!

~ B of A

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The Rock plays a shamman.