Friday, September 7, 2007

Soulshatter is Resisted, You Die

Earlier today, I found myself reading threads over at the Warlocks Den, which I do every Friday after work. One particular thread that caught my attention didn't discuss anything new or class-breaking, but it did bring to mind an important question, one that I have talked about in much detail before. The topic was the resistability (is that even a word?) of Soulshatter, and amidst the questions of "Can Soulshatter be resisted?" and the tired, almost annoyed "Yeees" answers that resonated throughout the replies, the oddity of the whole thing struck me, as it has done so many times before. And yet, given it's regularity, the question still remains. Why is it that Warlocks are the ONLY damage dealing cloth-wearing casting class that have an aggro-reducing ability that can be resisted???

Priests have Fade. Costs some mana. Saves their ass every time. GG.

Mages have Ice Block. Costs some mana. Saves their ass every time. GG.

Warlocks have Soulshatter. Costs some mana. Costs a freakin' shard. Can be resisted. WTF.

It just seems a little odd to me that, with all else being equal, the number one damage dealing casting class would have a gimped out "oh shit" button. And yes, sure, any good, responsible 'lock can manage their aggro effectively and shouldn't have to worry about it. But the same reasoning can be applied to any class, really, so why is it they that get a "sure thing?" Why are the 'locks singled out? Why can't our aggro-reducing ability be at least be as dependable as that of others?

Something to chew on as we go into this weekend.


Anonymous said...

we're better and blizzard knows it. we didnt need an ability to drop aggro, but blizzard felt maybe it'd be more fun to give us yet another way to blow shards. :D


Jay said...

Jago... I was behaving<3

annnd I finally wrote a blog entry that's almost worth reading. I plan to further it a bit later. :)

Zyphre said...

o.o I agree with jago

Anonymous said...

Feign Death can be resisted/miss.

Jezzastipsy said...

Fade can't be resisted... for the 6 seconds before the mob comes straight back at you.

JAGOeX said...

Fuzzy, Hunters aren't a "cloth-wearing caster class." ;)