Tuesday, September 11, 2007

iDPS Test

Do you guys remember those freakin' tests we had to take in Elementary and Junior High school? The Iowa Test of Basic Skills, or ITBS test? Man I hated those things. They were hours and hours and hours of bubbles and boredom. Half the answer sheet was just filling out your name, ffs. Not something an energetic teenage-something would look forward to, even if it did mean getting out of regular classes.

Well, now that I'm not that energetic teenager who is forced to sit down to such things, I am free to find something a little less boring (although just about as repetitive) to fill my time. And I have: the iDPS test.

What is the iDPS test? It's basically all of those Talent and Spell Damage calculators put to the test in "real" in-game situations. The data on each build, different approaches to DPS using such builds, and their damage output over time is collected and compared. This way, all the 'lock talk about what the best spec is for a certain situation is less theory crafting than it is an experienced and tested variable. Definitely a good thing.

So when you see an "iDPS" in the title of a blog post, you'll now know what to expect. Hopefully they'll be of some help someday and not a complete waste of time. ;)


Jay said...

i need to talk with you soonish... so get on aim or find me in-game sometime... and feel free to delete this comment once you get it =p


Sin said...

Jago you old whore!

How have ya been?

JAGOeX said...

Holy crap. Wassup Gumbo? I'm good. How's the life of the deployed?