Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Incoming Crazy

The patch is out TODAY, so hopefully we'll be seeing much less AV-ruining behavior in the coming week:

But I've got to wonder how affective the AFK mechanism will actually be at curbing honor leeches. If I'm not mistaken, a player that is reported x number of times will gain a debuff that prevents them from receiving honor until they enter combat. Great. But how hard is it to run out of the cave and kill a wolf or goat? Did Bliz take this into account and plan for it?

And what about players that go "off-site" to AFK? Will other players even notice them? Will they even get reported? Sitting in one of the mines or even planting oneself as "defense" at a base would be pretty good camouflage imho, so those guys would get away scotch free.

I dunno. Maybe I'm being too critical about a system that hasn't even been tested on the Live realms yet, but there are definitely many questions that remain even after extensive review on the PTR.

Hopefully we'll have those answers soon enough, and maybe then, we can actually experience a legit Alterac Valley.


EvilCheeseWedge said...

I think, given Blizzard's track record, you're right to be critical and skeptical of their new attempts to squelch AFKing in AV. Personally, I don’t expect it to make a major difference.

Jesyka said...

Yo Yago... at least there's an option now. It may have a lot of loopholes in it's current state, but it beats opening a GM ticket to get anything done.

Btw, they've been hardcore cracking down on honor botting. One of my guildies is temp. banned right now for botting in AV and getting caught.