Sunday, September 9, 2007

Lazy 'Lock Syndrome (LLS)

Have you ever run through an instance, grouped with a PuG or guildies, with a Warlock in the party, wiped, and sat around waiting for the Priest to pop, only to find that he/she wasn't Soul Stoned? How about waiting patiently for a Soul Well to be summoned, only to have a Warlock explain that he didn't have anymore shards left? And what about the Warlock that wouldn't put his Fel Guard away for a more tank-friendly Imp with Blood Pact?

We've all had the displeasure of dealing with players like that, but I would like to clear something up. These are not lazy Warlocks. They are BAD Warlocks. There's a big difference. BAD Warlocks are selfish or ignorant, either not performing the duties of their class because it "gimps" their DPS or because they just don't know it's their responsibility. Oh and trust me, MOST Warlocks are of this type -- they are simply ignorant to what the 'Lock is all about. Lazy Warlocks, on the other hand, aren't necessarily bad 'Locks. No, they are a different beast altogether.

Lazy Warlocks know what they are capable of. They know the class, the potential, the limitations, and what exactly is expected of them. They know the damage they should be doing, and usually how to do it. What makes them lazy is, well, they simply don't execute what they know is their duty, their responsibility. Basically, these guys/girls don't approach each situation with 100% effort. Why this is, I can't say, but it seems almost as if they are content in knowing if they did, they could WTFPWN.

This mindset, as common as it is, I've dubbed LLS, or Lazy 'Lock Syndrome. Warlocks who suffer from LLS don't feel like they have to prove anything. Since everyone already knows that Warlocks = Awesome, they play with little motivation to do their best, knowing they don't need to. Kinda sad, imho. As a result, you see their DPS fall behind Rogues, Mages, and even Hunters, for which there is no excuse. You see them experimenting with Talent Specs, confident that it will not affect their numbers, but hardly optimizing their performance for a given situation. All in all, you just don't see them bringing it to Heroics, Raids, the Arena, or what have you. Sad indeed.

If you or someone you know suffer from these symptoms, LLS might be to blame. Ask your Warlock professional if LLS treatment options are right for you. These include re-rolling a Mage, taking an extended break, or canceling your account altogether. Side effects may include depression and DPS-withdrawal, however, and care should be taken upon the initiation of treatment.

In all seriousness though, what do you guys think? Do you guys feel the laziness bug creeping into the play you experience day-in and day-out? How about your own performance? Do you find yourself not trying as hard as you used to?

Do tell, and what you think the remedy is.



Anonymous said...

i'm always 200% or im not logging on. i'm not on to fuck around, that wastes my time and i expect everyone to be the same way in my bg/arena/raid group. i'm not looking to spend 4 hours wiping just because someone is not taking it seriously.

but, i suppose for the peeps who play casual and really don't want to progress their character, they find alot of fun just chatting in shatt or whatever. i can't do that for some reason.


Anonymous said...

sincere apologies..sorry to do that to your blog man.

in any case...if you don't say this next remark..i'll just go ahead and say it for you..."good times, good times" :)


EvilCheeseWedge said...

I'm lazy and I'm (sometimes) a warlock, but I don't think I'm a lazy warlock.

So far in 5-mans I've either been holding down 2nd or 3rd place with DPS... but I think that is partially due to my noobish gear and the fact I run with friends with un-noobish gear... if it's not that, you/Jess better come school me in the ways of the warlock =D

JAGOeX said...

Ah Cheesy, all it takes is time really. But if ya got any questions, let us know. ;)

Six, you forgot "No worries." hehe. ;)

JAGOeX said...

Confession: At times, I'm a lazy Warlock. I know, I know, "LIES," you're thinking, but it's true.

For example -- I don't refresh my DoTS in a timely manner. Oh, I know they're down and what not, but it's just so much easier to spam Shadow Bolts!

Oh, and in duels, I usually just stick with whatever pet I have summoned at the time. I know I can win, but sometimes, yeah, I'm just lazy.

Kinda sad, right?

Anonymous said...

Am I the hunter in question? >_>


Jesyka's Blog said...

jago: dueling on a whim with whatever pet you have out shows that you don't rely on the same old shit in order to win<3 unless of course you always lose without one certain setup >.>

also, spamming shadowbolts is the way of a demo/destro lock. =p But im sure with the raiding you do, the dps from your dots being down doesnt really impact you. you probably still out dps mostly anyone... lol. for me tho, timing my dots and constantly assuring they are present and ticking to the last tick is everything >.<