Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A New Sound

So the new patch is FINALLY out like a drag queen at Mardi Gras, and I just logged in a short while ago to check it out its hawt, Live server action. The first thing I noticed didn't fill me with hope, however, as I was introduced to an oddity within the sound -- specifically, the way the surround channels were behaving. For example, I'd cast Fel Armor while leaving my toon at a stand-still, but the cast sounded like it was coming from behind me. I cast it again and moved backwards, and the sound behaved as if I had moved INTO the cast, getting much louder back to front. Odd.

Apparently, I'm not the only one experiencing the sound problems. There are already a number of threads (like this one) that detail the sound issues players are experiencing. I guess Bliz introduced a new way of working with Sound in this new patch, and as a result, messed up something fierce in the process. So it doesn't look like messing w/ the game or OS sound options will help matters -- it'll require a hot-fix at best. Bummer. =(

Not all is lost, however.

I did manage to ignore the very annoying sound issues long enough to get in a game of AV. And if my first experience is going to be the norm...

...all I can say is "GG."

There were VERY few AFKers in the cave, and the Horde pretty much steamrolled the Alliance to a 22-min, very impressive win. And by the looks of it, it's a trend that seems to be resonating elsewhere. So hopefully it won't go out of style anytime soon. =)

All in all, it seems to be a pretty successful patch day, but here's to hearing something good out of Bliz about the sound issues.



Zyphre said...


You are a warlock right...?

how did you get 59hks, top damage, not die, and only get 4 kbs?

PVE-ing in av, thats how. GG

Anonymous said...

jago you damage monster...

btw...why did you spend 16 hours in kara yesterday? dude...RAWRASAURUS!


JAGOeX said...

Heheh, if I was just PvE-ing in AV, I wouldn't have had 59 HKs in ~20 mins. =P

I'm Affliction, so direct-damage took a back seat to utility (i.e., Exhausting players rezzing at a GY we were trying to cap). If I really wanted to, I could have put out much more damage and received many more KBs, but to me, actually playing for the team takes priority.

SIXIS. lol, we had 5 bosses to kill. Sorry it took a while. Find me today -- no raids, just PvP. =)

Anonymous said...

It's the same of Azuremyst from what I can tell. Lots of horde alterac wins and everyone is surprised the afk thing did it the way it did. I thought the bridge was the problem but I guess not haha. Good damage too.

~ B of A

Anonymous said...


You are a warlock right...?

how did you get 59hks, top damage, not die, and only get 4 kbs?

PVE-ing in av, thats how. GG"

holy shit you're a fucking retarded idiot, l2play ur warlock before crapping your opinion everywhere with your shitty 1327 2v2

JAGOeX said...


Umm, yeah Zy, your Warlock sucks?


Zyphre said...

Yeah my warlocks 1327 rating might suck. But you find me some other level 26 warlock that has ANY rating......

doh. I guess mr. tooscaredtopostmyname really doesn't know a thing about me, jago, our closet relationship with demo or the game really.

I mean what kind of 12 year old would assume that sort of thing? o.O

jago, sixis and me have all been around long enough to hit rank 14 and know eachother. So uh, sarcasm happens... sometimes a little man sex too.

In conclusion:

1) l2recognise sarcasm and don't be a pussy when you wan't to type like a big tough guy.

2) Do more research before pretending to know anything about a stranger. lol @ my warlocks magical 2v2 at lvl 26.

3) Don't base validity of someone based on arena rankings, people buy those rating more often than earning them.

4) Lighten up. Or go cut your self and write some poetry in your own blood. Whatever you do, do it elsewhere kthx.

JAGOeX said...

Not exactly sure where that came from... But I'm guessing it's not an Alexer cause he'd know we all go way back.

So who are you exactly?

Anonymous said...

to anon...
locks don't always get top spot on the list....I DO.

and the 4kb's? there's so much to account for like poaching and stuff..which i btw do...EXECUTE, EXECUTE, EXECUTE. shit, half the time in AV i just auto attack and spam execute to get that kb...why? because it doesn't matter in AV.

AV is the one bg that just doesn't matter to me. i play it for pure fun.

btw..and until you have pvp'd with jago, you don't know him. just shut your flap.

because if you did pvp with him. you wouldn't make dumb ass remarks.