Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Pointing Finger

There's a good post over at Jade's that provides a great example of the frustration end-game WoW players can experience when their guildies don't give it their all. The post comes on the heals of a different thread published on the Alexstrasza forums, which covers similar frustrations, but points the finger of fault at other guilds and players instead of one's own.

Who is to blame when a guild's progression becomes a problem? As for my opinion, I think I make it fairly obvious at both locals. So if you're really interested (and you damn well should be!), read both and find out. =)


Anonymous said...

who is to blame????
the fuckin nerd fags..that's who? the one's who "belive" they are elite and shit. the ones who will eat a fuckin punch to the face from me.

because those are the ones who "think" they are doing what they are supposed to do. WRONG. they are the ones who sit in the bck that try to heal when they rocking the wrong spells and have someone like baygul rip the #1 spot in SSC all day long...who btw, has shit gear in comparison.

it is the attitude that "i'm just fuckin better because really" i would get rocked if i was at a club or drunk at a bar and i can't protect myself or my girlfriend.

fuckin nerd fags..that's what it is. seriously...think about it. and this is coming from an extremely stupid person.

the problem lies within all the "leet, i'm a fag IRL so i have to be someone online" kind of player. arena is simple...raiding is simple...all it takes is people to know what to do and when...EXECUTE.

tell me i'm wrong???

you have the RNG and such..but that makes up for only a little bit. the rest comes from << class knowledge and dedication and gear >> if raiding was priority...scrape the fags off that don't produce.

how do i know this????
a guy that IS in RA recently told me that sylentx HATES all his guildies bu a few...he even hate xay. he thinks everyone is idiots. with that SOME EXTENT i have to agree with him...raiding just takes coordination...DON'T SLEEP.<---IF THAT MEANS SOMETHING.


Anonymous said...

oh...btw..all you grammer correcting fags...give me a high arena rating OR a amory raiding gear sheet...

if all you wanna act proper but can't sport the arena rating or the fuckin gear...don't flap.

because it really all comes down to proper class knowledge, fight prep, know hwat your dealing with, and taking orders. (nerds that get beat the fuck up IRL can't take orders online)... (in pvp AND in raiding). so if you fags are so smart..why can't you at least have 1900 rating AND have the basic SSC/TK grip???

all fags that need to get their lip busted. tell me im wrong.

Zyphre said...

So I respec'd arena arcane/fire. And formed a 5v5 with a bunch of other mages. The gank factor is hilarity at its finest.

Anonymous said...

sorry jago../rant off now.

im just seeing alot of shit from the forums and stuff.

in any case..i truly believe what i said...just minus the "fag" part okay?<---that was for you evilcheese :) trying to be proper myself.

but come on have to agree to SOME extent that the ones who act like they all smart and shit..they themselves cannot produce results in this game.

and don't give me this "i play with the people i like..or friends" bullshit..cause they are the very ones who will hinder a raid just like they would hinder a basketball team. scrape them the f uck off.

Anonymous said...

ugetnoheals is a fuckin joke..his rating is a fuckin joke...his crew is a fuckin joke. talk more flap in a scrub battlegroup plz and quote me. anyone who plays on another server arena will say the same.

his post may be literate...but his game is a fuckin joke.

the only thing right about his spit is that alex horde needs to step up their game...oh..btw..ILL is a fuckin stupid name. "____is a living legend" give me a fuckin break.

Anonymous said...

you're not a nerd Z...don't be briging your 5man mage team into this!!!!

jago posted posting rant...let me be!!! lol

EvilCheeseWedge said...

Sixis: <3

I actually agree with a lot of what you said about RA... they fail!

Jesyka said...

sorry but his replies to your blog are nearly as hard to read as the forum thread relating to your post is...

elitest attitudes do turn a lot of people off and can cause some people to have no desire or motivation to play the game, simply because they don't want to end up being an elitest asshole.

not all elitest assholes in WoW actually suck at the game. i know quite a few that are assholes and rightfully... it sucks that they are that way, but they are good at the game so whatever.

all i see here is drama, tho... and that makes me a sad panda. >.>

Anonymous said...

i know. my writing is so crappy, there are times when im thinking something but i type some other i guess i'm more of a "talker" on vent kind of dude. lol

i should try to just keep it short.

sorry! anyways. jago, just delete my

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA I can see why you were thinking about leaving before!!!

~ B of A

JAGOeX said...

Heh, tell me about it.