Sunday, September 2, 2007

On the Warlock Forum

The weather in my hometown is brutal atm. Yesterday, it was 117 degrees F, and today, 115. It's hot, humid, and even raining a booming rain every now and then. Standing outside for even a tiny moment turns me into a sweaty mess, and I ain't about to wash these damn Ralph Laurens twice in one week. Hells no. So, what better time to stay inside, chillin' at my desk, sippin' on a lemonade, and browsing all things Warlock-related.

The first link I'm going to post doesn't redirect to the official WoW 'lock Forums over on Bliz's site. Instead, it links to the Warlocks Den, which offers one of the best 'lock forums on the web. So check it out, and the other links that follow. I hope you find something useful!

The Warlocks Den: The resource for Warlock strats, ideas, theory, and one of the best Warlock forums on the web. There's a wealth of information the site provides, at a fraction of the QQ'ing cost. ;)

Soul Shard Relics: A very cool suggestion, which has been made before, about the specificity of Soul Shards to certain bosses and spells. It'd be pretty cool to have "Nightbane's Soul" in my bag, even if it was just a novelty, but it'd be even more sweet if it could actually be put to good use during another boss encounter or for a quest or something. There's definitely lots of potential here, so give this thread your support!

A Casting Question: Is casting Immolate or Corruption as a non-Affliction-spec worth it? This has been argued about for some time, with many citing faulty DPS-calculators as sources for their positions. Fact of the matter is, it's very situation-dependent. There are other variables to consider as well, and this thread helps to put it all together (amidst some arguing, of course).

Pushing Your Buttons: Players offering up their bindings for all to see. Since spell casting efficiency is half the battle, especially in PvP, it's probably a good idea to optimize your placement of such spells, and this thread can offer up some ideas that can help.

Destro Destro Destro: Good info. on Destruction specs for both PvE and PvP environments. Make no mistake about it. Destro is fun. But making the most out of it is where it gets a little tricky. Mana inefficiency ftl.

Two Diamonds, One Slot: A discussion on the Mystical Skyfire and Swift Starfire Diamonds and when to choose one over the other.


JAGOeX said...

Not long after posting this, the Emergency Broadcast Alert sounded on my television, warning of flash flooding. There have apparently been some tornadoes touching down as well. WTF @ So. Cal. weather.

Jay said...

Wow... that banner of yours... is... so... totally you.

You metro man, you. So flashy. =p

oh, and yeah... welcome to Ohio weather!

JAGOeX said...

lol, still working on it. Added metro wings!