Tuesday, December 25, 2007

WTB Global Cooldown for Guitar Hero III

It's Christmas 2007, I'm a gamer, and the fingers on my left hand are about to fall off. That could only mean one thing: I received Guitar Hero III for my Wii, and am absolutely loving it! I've spent a couple of hours rocking away already, and am having an amazing amount of fun. It totally beats farming or grinding honor, let me tell ya. =P

I beat the game on Medium difficulty during my first sitting, which was great, but omg how things immediately changed after that. Let me just say, holy crap @ the higher difficulties! They are totally on an epic, insanely more difficult level of play than I thought they would be. And I know I should expect "Hard" to be more difficult than "Medium," but trust me, those words don't do the difference in difficulty any amount of justice. They should be renamed to "You can do this" for Medium, "Bend over and lets get this over with" for Hard, and "You might as well not even try" for Expert. That'd be more accurate imho.

The crazy-hard thing about the higher difficulties, and even some tracks at Medium, is the insane speed with which you gotta hit the buttons. No global cooldowns here (as nice as that would be). The fingers are always moving lightning-quick, and if you flinch for even a second, it can throw you off for the rest of the song, which would doom you to failure.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day of relaxing vacation time. I'll be trying more Hard and Expert tracks to see how far I can get. And hopefully, I won't lose any fingers in the process.

Merry Christmas. =)


Zyphre said...

Yeah Im still working on through fire and flame on hard. I don't do expert on most songs because I don't have the patience.

Took me a long freaking time to adjust to the game since I play real guitar. On lower settings its confusing to my brain to not be moving my fingers when notes are happening...

Anyway, gl on the game! I play as the pink hot chick with satans guitar. Everyone else looks like they belong at fatcon.

B of A said...

I play guitar too and GH is way too hard for me for the same reason.