Sunday, December 30, 2007

Trying Something New

Being that it's the holidays and a time of giving and selflessness, I decided to give away a BoE epic to some lucky player on my home server. The prize is the healing-based Lifegiving Cloak, and all people have to do to have a shot at winning it is reply to a post I made on the realm's forum. I'm not exactly sure how the quasi-raffle will go, but I figure that since my account expires on the 11th of January, it'd be a fun way to get the cloak some use. =)

Good luck to those participating, and Happy Holidays!


Delos said...

Previously when I was quitting I did a similar thing. I had an extra Hurricane (BoE Epic level 48 bow) sitting around. I posted in trade chat that if anyone has interest in winning it they should PST me and join the raid group. When I got a full 40, I had everyone /random and gave it to the winner. It ended up going to a guy who gave it to his younger brother/cousin (don't remember which). Made me feel good, and some kid got a nice suprise. Kudos to you for doing the same!

(Also, my WoW quit didn't go so well as you might be able to tell from my blog)

Jagoex said...

Nicely done. Experiences like that are much better than a few hundred gold imho. Great job for setting the bar. =)

As for quitting, I've tried twice before myself, unsuccessfully. So I know what you mean. I'm hoping the third time is a charm, but have a feeling that when WotLK is released, I'll be logging in to check it out.