Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter Clothes: A Fantastic Money-Maker

Looking for a quick and easy way to make some gold this holiday season? Well look no further than the tailoring profession and cross-faction Auction Houses! Since the introduction of Winter Veil, Ally and Horde tailors have been receiving the patterns for Red and Green Winter Clothes, respectively, and the AHs have been teeming with activity as a result.

Because only Ally tailors can make the Red Winter Clothes, each piece has been selling for 20-30g Horde-side, and the same can be said of the Green Winter Clothes on Ally-side as well. Considering the cheap price and relative ease of farming that it takes to acquire the mats for these items, it's easy to see how astute tailors can make quite a killing while making them available to the masses. And indeed, a fellow guild member has pulled in an impressive 200g per day while selling just a few of them daily.

Not a bad deal, no matter how you look at it. So get to it, tailors. And happy weaving! =)


B of A said...

O_O Is that you???

Anonymous said...


Arren said...

Good plan. This means I should probably start farming some Runecloth again. Which means more time in the hell that is Eastern Plaguelands.

Jesyka said...

Our servers a little smarter than Alex.. it looks as though they're listed for about 50g opposing factions - But, people are more interested in cutting out the middle man (the AH) and are paying tailors directly to make them and then transfer them via shared AH right to them, personally, for a little less. Lol.

Not sure why, but I'll see lvl 1 alts asking for tailors on either side. Lucky me, I have one of each! :p

The gnome looks silly in her outfit btw >.> she's a chubby little thing.

JAGOeX said...

Ha, I've seen the Gnomes in the outfits. A true LOL for sure. =P

Funny story: the wife was walking by my office when I was at Glitz's selection screen. She had to double-take, thinking I was up to no good!

I wouldn't have that problem with a Gnome, I can assure you that.

Anonymous said...

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