Monday, December 31, 2007

Blue: Pet Names ≠ Arena Partner Names

You know that popular "exploit" where Hunters name their pets the same as their Arena partners? The one that makes it very difficult for their opponents to target them effectively? Well, after a little bit of misinformation and confusion about where the big B stands on the matter, the issue has finally been put to rest.

In one of the first CM posts of 2008, Blizzard Blue Vrakthris states that for situations where unfair targeting issues would apply, pet names would indeed be changed. Truly a heavy-handed approach, but due to an apparent hiccup in the /target mechanism, it may be the only way to immediately remedy the issue.

When using target macros in an environment where a toon and a pet share the same name, priority is given to whichever is closer to the individual doing the targeting. In many situations, it is possible to take advantage of this mechanic to ensure that the pet is targeted and not the Hunter's complimenting toon. So as a short-term solution, forcing the Hunter to change the pet's name is really all that can be done. Kudos to Bliz for acting accordingly.

No word yet on how Bliz plans to enforce these changes, but if you're a Hunter and you're guilty of using this exploit, it wouldn't be a bad idea to preempt the justice and change your pet's name asap, lest you end up like our friend Dog the Bounty Hunter and pwned by the law. And I know this is a sad moment for you guys and all, but seriously, with all the buffs you've received lately, it's not like you need any extra help anyway! ;)

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