Sunday, December 30, 2007

Improve Your Wi-Fi Connection

Back in October, the great crew over at Lifehacker put together a list of ten things you can do to boost your Wi-Fi connection's performance. Having glossed over the list and performed a few tweaks myself, I definitely recommend giving their advice a go. Not only was my connection's range improved, but my latency decreased noticeably as well.

If you're heavy into hardcore PvE or PvP content and are strictly limited to wireless connectivity, these recommendations could prove very useful, minimizing your lag and therefore improving your performance. Heck, even if you simply want to enjoy some casual gaming or browsing from your couch, these tweaks would definitely make the experience much easier to enjoy.

Very worth it in any case, if you ask me. =)


Jesyka said...

Verizon finally admitted that our connection had issues because of something on their end.

They changed something at the CO nearest to us... and who would've guessed... our connection is almost perfect now. No more huge, unnecessary spikes... I can actually load a webpage while B plays WoW and NOT lag him out.

Just wow. Lol. Only took them years to admit it wasn't on our end :D

Zyphre said...

What an emo router you have there. Is it about to write some poetry and cry a little?

Jagoex said...

Nice Jes. About time they get things done for you guys.

That's not my router Zy. Mine is MUCH more emo than that one.