Friday, December 14, 2007

PTR: Warlocks Absorb Bliz's Mistake, Costs 350g

It has definitely been an interesting 24-hours on the Public Test Realms, especially for us Warlocks. And it has all culminated into a very interesting outcome, at least at the present. If you plan on copying a pre-made 'lock to the PTR this evening, or even cloning one of your own to test your own gear, you better bring a hefty amount of gold with you. Otherwise, you'll be stuck with some very empty action bars, and an extremely dry spell book to match.

In "fixing" the Seed of Corruption issue that players discovered almost immediately after the PTRs came back online today, Blizzard decided it was best to blank all Warlock talents and abilities and require the class as a whole to re-train every single spell from scratch. The total cost? 350g. And that doesn't even take into account our pets, which were also wiped from our spell books and must be reacquired via their original quest lines - an unfortunate and unfair result to a problem Blizzard created.

So, unless you're a Warlock of incredible wealth, endless patience, and that only cares for Fel Guards, stay away from the PTRs. At the moment, for us, they are a complete waste of time.


Anonymous said...

I only had one transfer left and it would have been a warlock. Thank you for posting this.

Jesyka said...

hahaha... ptr was funny with the bug.

now im crying emo tears because my own PERSONALLY LEVELED warlock cannot obtain any of the pets... considering she's already completed all of the quests required to do so. So now... gnomey just sits there... petless... useless. She never even had the bugged SoC, it was only given to pre-mades.

GG Bliz. GG.

(i opened a ticket on there to complain and otherwise harass. i felt i reserved that right.) :p

Brasson said...

Man, that sucks. Did they even take away the hard-earned Dreadsteeds?

JAGOeX said...

Yes. Our epic horses are gone as well. =(