Sunday, December 2, 2007

Meet Majinn

This game is amazingly designed and the content is simply brilliant, but lets face it, it's the people that make this game worth playing.

With that in mind, meet Majinn, a Ret Pally, and one of the funniest people I've met within WoW. He recently made a PvP video, of sorts as you'll see, which literally had me crying I was laughing so hard. It may be that it's truly and ingeniously funny, or hilarious only because I know the man behind the toon. But whatever be the case, I think it's a vid worth seeing. So watch him as he lays down his Retribution goodness, and very characteristic sense of humor that makes him such a riot. The video especially picks up his persona about 30 seconds in. Epic music and a little ADHD ftw. =) Enjoy!

LOL @ the guy that looks like Alex Trebek.

GG Majinn. GG.


JP said...

wtf at 3774?

PJ said...

dammit put in my name wrong -_-

Kergen said...

i miss those days in the arena with maj and you and a few others. Kergen was a beast. I might start playin agin really soon, no raiding probly cuz im so far behind in gear and havent played in months, but i need to get him back into pvp goodness =-)

Charneldeath said...


Anonymous said...

majinn is good but hes shit compared to the best pallies out there. Hes a little fuckin kid to