Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Arena Rating Requirements

In a closed thread posted late yesterday evening, Bliz Blue Tyren states that not only will certain Season 3 Arena pieces require a Personal Rating, but they will now also require a Team Rating as well. He goes on to say that while the in-game mechanic will be changed during today's maintenance, it will not display properly until an upcoming patch is applied.

So how does this short-notice adjustment to the rating system affect Arena players and teams? With this change, Blizzard is likely trying to curb a method of artificially inflating one's personal rating, where players would engage only in "easy" games around the 1500 bracket. These players would create a team consisting of mains and alts, winning with their mains and losing on purpose with their alts, to keep their team in a mid-level bracket. This would allow them to continuously play against low-to-mid-level teams while eventually seeing their Personal Ratings go through the roof. It was an ingenious work-around to the Personal Rating requirement, but B.S. none-the-less. Blizzard recognized this and acted accordingly.

No system is foolproof, but it's good to see Blizzard trying to make theirs work as best they can. Now, if only they gave other matters this kind of attention.


Star said...

This is a good thing right? Its punishing people who are cheating but it makes playing with friends just for fun a bad option for anyone who wants to take it seriously. Its not really fair when I look at it that way.

JAGOeX said...

I guess it depends on how you look at it.

If you are a semi-serious participant in Arena play that has goals for S3 weapons or shoulders, you now have to be a bit more picky as to who you are actively playing with, and those who actually obtain those items are more likely to have earned them (although the system still isn't fool-proof). So I guess it's a good thing from this perspective.

However, if you are a casual PvPer and have enjoyed playing alongside friends who are semi-serious, you'll probably find yourself quickly replaced if your 30% attendance starts bringing down the overall team rating consistently. So you may have to find other casuals to play with, which is kind of a downer, especially if you've enjoyed the company of RL friends and guildmates for the past two seasons.

zomgwtfbbq said...

Has this patch came out yet?

JAGOeX said...

Well, technically, it wasn't a patch. It was a hotfix of sorts, updated to be active beginning this past Tuesday. So, yes, the changes have been applied.