Sunday, December 9, 2007

Season 2 Reward Frustration

By now, you've all heard about the problems Blizzard has been facing regarding their incorrect distribution of Season 2 titles and rewards. The issues have been an on-going topic since the start of the new Season, and on a world-wide scale as well, with players from every corner complaining of incorrect titles and disappearing Merciless Nether Drakes. It's quite disappointing that a company with the resources that Blizzard has didn't get things right the first time (a second time, if you count S1 issues), considering the grandeur of the end of a PvP season. But what's even more discomforting, however, is the amount of time it is taking to resolve these matters, and the apparent tone Blizzard is taking when dealing with their PvP elite.

Instead of taking an openly proactive approach at dealing with the disgruntled voices of affected players, Blizzard seems to be writing off many of the complaints, refusing to escalate tickets and even ignorantly ensuring that everything is working as intended. In some cases where a player transfer was involved, Bliz is even placing the blame on the players themselves, stating that losing titles is a result and known risk of moving a toon from one server to another. Many are taking issue with these responses, however, and rightfully so.

According to many posts in that same thread regarding player transfers and titles, the disappearance of Season 2 rewards didn't occur immediately after the transfer, but followed an "emergency maintenance" that was implemented shortly after the start of Season 3. As would-be Gladiator Baygul put it, if players transfered before the maintenance, their titles were lost. But had they transfered after this surprise maintenance, their titles would be intact. Frustrating indeed, especially considering all of the misinformation that Blizzard's own employees were stating as fact.

Many of Blizzard's posts relaying incorrect or incomplete information are still available to read on the forums (including the ones posted above), and many players are still awaiting answers from tickets that were escalated weeks ago. So what happens now? Well, good companies make good video games. Great companies support them and treat their customers with respect and priority. Taking a note from their own commercials, maybe it's time to ask Bliz what their game is.

Keep up the pressure. Hopefully then, we'll see some answers.


Sinderella said...

I've been disappointed with Blizzard a lot lately. This is just icing on an already shitty cake.

Jesyka said...

B and I weren't able to get our arena titles because we transferred. Boohoo. Lol.

At least Blizz finally admitted they weren't doing jack about it. B had a new ticket open every day for awhile just to gauge responses from retarded GM's. Good times.

I'm glad I don't take this game seriously because it's become quite a joke recently.

JAGOeX said...

I totally agree. In terms of customer service, Bliz isn't doing much for it's reputation.