Saturday, August 11, 2007


I login to Alexstrasza for a bit to try and track down a few peeps when I see World Defense going CRAZY with "Orgrimmar is under attack!" Now that I play on a PvP server, it was second nature -- I mounted up and hit the Shat portal to Org without even really thinking twice about it.

When I got there, I basically ran right into the group attacking the city. They had come in through the back entrance, running right by the Hall of Legends, and making their way to Thrall's room in haste. I looked and looked for some recognizable names, found Dolph, and a few others, but no one I really knew.

When I arrived outside of Thrall's quarters, there was already a large group forming and some PvP going on. Well, actually, I wasn't sure what was going on. The lag had gotten so bad that I was beginning to see frames of events instead of events themselves.


I flagged up, hit the group with Seed of Corruption a few times (I think), then ran inside where a huge orgy of AoE was going on. There was so much happening on my screen, and it was all so incredibly choppy, that I didn't know what to do with it! I casted some more AoE spells and DoT'd all I could with Siphon Life to keep me alive, and somehow, some way, I lasted through the madness to see the Horde actually defend Thrall in his own chamber.

Then, as I'm taking in the scene around me, trying to figure out what the hell I'm gonna do next, I get jumped. Not once, but TWICE!

I was so happy to finally see someone I recognized! But, that quickly turned to sadness, as she got owned by all of Thrall's guards as soon as she tapped me with her love stick. /cry

AND THEN, after I make a quick round and return to her corpse to mourn, SHE TRIED TO KILL ME AGAIN!

Why, Ary? Why?!



Jay said...

I've been without WoW for a few days now... hell, without a computer that WoW can be played on =X

So... I missed out? Oh well.

And Ary is sexy. She can jump me on Jade anyday. Rawr. lol.

Zyphre said...

PvP servers make you better at pvp. Simple fact.

Arydan/Impervious said...


lol a bunch of us hit silvermoon and TB and killed the horde leaders there and then tried to do org but there was too much horde in thrall's room. :3

as soon as I saw you there I thought "JAGO MUST DIE!!!"

hahaha epic. :3

JAGOeX said...

lol, I must admit. The first time you tried, I was sad. The second time, I laughed my ass off. :)