Saturday, August 4, 2007

Feelings of Good

Re-rolling on a PvP realm from a PvE realm, I always heard about the negatives that would plague me from day to day. "You're gonna get ganked a million times. It's gonna take forever for you to level." And all that. Is it all true? Seemingly so, yeah. I've been ganked about half a million times already, mostly in Hillsbrad, and I'm not even Level 30 yet! So, why do I keep going back? What makes it all worth it?

Because I can kill as well...

There's little that's more satisfying, from a low-lvl PvP perspective, then killing a corpse-camping, a-hole, bubbling Paladin that's 5 levels higher than yourself, only to watch him immediately give you the biggest compliment he can by taking Resurrection Sickness. Good feelings for sure.

Makes all the gankings worth it imho. Can't wait to 70!

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Nikto said...

RAWR! Nice Jago!