Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Week in Review

It's maintenance time. Server down time. A time to reflect on the past week, think about the present, and plan for the future... between habitual login attempts, that is. =P Me, I ruminated over my experiences on my new server, the differences between leveling on a PvE vs. PvP server, and what it takes for a guild to be successful but fun at the same time. Serious business for sure!

So it's been about a week now that I've been playing on a PvP server, and all I can say is, wow. It is so much more fun and dynamic than playing on a Normal realm, obviously due to the fact that you can get jumped at any time while in a contested area. That variable alone adds a major edge to the experience, I think, which makes it so much more intense and immersing. It's such a rush seeing flagged players appear over a horizon or from behind a building and landing that first curse that gets the party started. Such a good time!

The people seem much more realm/community oriented as well. Now, that may have nothing to do with the classification of the server, but I'm sure as hell noticing a whole lot more buffing coming from complete strangers while running through contested areas. In my mind, we're looking out for each other - it's a very conscious thing, and I dig it.

Guildwise, we're busy running old-school instances and setting up or app, charter, website, etc. We're trying to strike a good balance between progress and fun, since, well, on our old server, we were so used to one or the other.

In terms of organized PvP, Zy and I are about to get our first bits of PvP gear from Arathi Basin. We spent a good portion of today getting honor and tokens, and pretty much destroying the place. We figure we will continue to PvP for a bit so that people can catch up Level-wise. Hopefully (unlike today), they will take the opportunity to do so!

All in all, it's been a tremendous week. Can't wait to see another one on this server. =)


Zyphre said...

haha classic screenshot betch.

All you nubs need to /levelup kthx

Jay said...

i havent been playing much lately... on any realm. kinda miss it... kinda dont. meh.

though i did login last night and raid SSC on the gnome for a bit.

and... later spent time on the ptr as a feral druid. lawls. i fucking pwn as a kitty. you and zy should get a premade and have a little break from leveling for a bit... come play on the ptr!! i mean come on, you can report people for being afk in battlegrounds now!

druid and pally allyside
priest hordeside

on pve

pvp server is yet to be determined but i think jade is there now.

good youre having fun on the pvp realm tho!