Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rerolling Stones

Trust me, I wish this were a post about the rock band doing something else for a change instead of rockin' out on stage. The last thing I want to read about is one of them falling and breaking a hip and getting electrocuted at the same time. Not a pretty picture.

This post is about Tichondrius and the state of the reroll. And quite honestly, there's not much to say about the whole thing. It's been both fun and disappointing, and the guild has taken a few hits lately, but otherwise things are going okay. The rate of leveling has tapered off a bit, as expected, but for the most part, people are still working at it.

"For the most part." Maybe that was a lie.

The truth is, the whole experience isn't turning out to be anything I was hoping for. I'm leveling a soon-to-be badass toon with some badass friends, which is great and all, but the lack of dedication and commitment is really screwing things over big time. Frustration has set in at the lack of activity amongst the leadership, and at the people who openly gave their support and time in the beginning, only to back away from that commitment now. How does one plan in an environment like that? It makes it damn near impossible, lemme tell ya.

Those issues may seem relatively small since they do not affect the guild's ability to function and all, but I think they are important none-the-less. We need dedicated individuals at the core of this guild to make it work. We need it to be a bigger priority to some of the leadership. We need people to take it a bit more seriously, because this is what happens when there is no structure, no plan, and no execution.

Casual is all good, but we're dealing with neglect here. And neglect is worse than a broken hip.

/rested xp ftw. Use it.


Zyphre said...

Are you calling me fat?

Six tha' seven tha' Hustle said...

but my lock is now 12 and my warrior is now 23!

Six tha' seven tha' Hustle said...

nikkibee says sorry also.

Zyphre said...

Sixis is lying.

Six tha' seven tha' Hustle said...

shush you >:)