Sunday, August 26, 2007

Screenshots Statistics

While looking to free up some space on my HD earlier today, I came across my WoW Screenshots folder. /right-click /properties

Number: 895 Files
Size: 3.68 GB

Geez. I knew I had taken a good amount back in the day, but this was way more than I had realized.

I started to click through the images, having to drag most of them into Photoshop since they used to be saved in this weird-ass format that the normal picture viewer couldn't recognize. What did I find? SS after SS after SS of PvP scoreboards, damage meters, and whatever else could be used to stroke one's e-peen. Man, I must have been such an ass, and I wasn't even that good!

There were also a few other snapshots of UBRS runs with War Lords, Onyx PvP, Demo and I raping Ssyn in Org somewhere, Onyx HWL's getting head from Lanna, etc. Memories of good times for sure, but 3.68 gigs worth? I don't think so. Sad thing is, I've already deleted all of my SS's once before, so this stuff doesn't nearly account for all of it.

Good thing too. Those early days of cluelessness are ones I care not to remember. Hell, even some of these images pay tribute to lesser times, when I once strolled around the UC in a Mooncloth Robe. Hmm, I guess that leaves me no option.


Hey, I need the space. :)

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