Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Two Man Group

I have a very hard time dealing with PuG groups lately. It's not that I've had some recent bad experiences with them or anything of that sort. On the contrary, actually. Most of been wonderful gaming experiences and getting to know new people on the new server has been quite a treat. However, PuGs are never ideal. Mostly, that is because there is much more risk involved in them, since the participants are relatively unknown to one another. We don't know the way each other plays, behaves, perceives, and reacts to thinks, so it can potentially make for a very messy (and not in a good way) experience.

So when presented with the issue of having enough people on to run an instance, but not enough to fill a group, Nadala and I improvised.

In a group that usually would take 5 at our levels, we did it with just the two of us - a prime example of what one can do when "unknowns" aren't involved and you're completely in tune with the people you're playing with. We cleared the place relatively quickly, and took down the relatively hard-hitting Herod in one shot.

Lesson of the day? Less is better than more, especially when that more is a PuG. =)

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Jay said...


I remember going in there as a PuG 3-man when I was leveling my Blood Elf Priest. At the correct level, btw, if not too low for Cathedral.

It was a pally tanking, me healing, and a warlock. Stupid as it was, it felt awesome to three man it at that level.