Thursday, August 2, 2007


Well, that didn't take long...

During the SFK Arugal encounter on my first PuG run since my re-roll, I fell victim to the classic loot ninja. Just before Arugal fell, I noticed that the looting method had been changed to Master Looter. The guy was after Arugal's Robes, and since there were 3 other casters in the group, he and his accomplice (who invited the ninja into the group just before we entered Arugal's chamber) didn't want to chance it. Thankfully, karma conspired against him and Arugal dropped his Belt instead.

Anyhow, it's not surprising that there's a selfish douchebag out there that resorts to childish means to get what he wants. What is sickeningly shocking, however, is how the Game Masters respond to such "dishonorable" behaviors.

Later today, I'll write about what two GMs had to say, and why Blizzard is terribly wrong in their lack of policing b.s. For now, sleep. I was ganked way too many times tonight -- makes me tired. =)



Zyphre said...

Sucks man. In this bracket it seems to be a common thing for jackasses and ninjas to be in pugs.

Thats what the guild is for, we will be elitist fucks. BTW best way to deal with jackasses.

Group Leader: Hey, do you know karate?

Jackass: pfft yeah. wtf are you asking me for?

Group Leader: Then block this kick!

Jackass has been removed from the group by Group Leader

JAGOeX said...

Dude, just wait until I tell you what the GMs had to say... even though I easily showed that this guy, in my specific situation, broke the rules of the TOS.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear that bro. all servers gonna have assholes and fags.
we'll just stay clear of them. but i must say...looking good so far!! FAIL!!!


JAGOeX said...

Totally. ;)