Sunday, April 1, 2007

When Night Falls...

Night-time is totally my favorite time of day. In the hours leading up to it, I'm usually finishing up with work, and looking forward to letting my inner-child out with a little bit of WoW. The game is totally an escape like that, and I embrace it because lets face it, IRL, we can't simply cast fear and make all of our problems go away. I've been especially enjoying the game after joining Prom Kings, and am having the most amazing time socializing with the guild's great and anti-dramatical players. That says quite a bit about the guild too, because I've had the pleasure of playing with good people in the past, but even then, the game wasn't nearly as enjoyable to me as it is now. And really, what's a night-life without great people to enjoy it with? Martinis anyone? /toast

So, tonight we attempted to down Nightbane, the "final" boss in Karazhan, and even though we didn't do as well as we had hoped to do, we had a good time trying and learned quite a bit about the encounter. It's kinda been a frustrating week for the guild in the sense that we've been getting new members involved, and as a result, we've progressed through Kara a little slower than we would have liked. A little unpleasant, sure, but not unexpected considering the new blood.
I've been dealing with my own personal frustration after having to leave a raid early for RL issues and missing out on what would have been my Mindblade. I know, I know, QQ more pls, am I right? =P Also, we just came off of our two non-raiding days, so it took a little while for us to get back into the groove of things. Not a big deal; we have one more day of attempts ahead of us, and after seeing our progress tonight, I'm pretty certain that we'll drop him tomorrow without too much of a fuss. Good times ahead, for sure.

When Night falls, we'll be the first Horde guild to drop him on Alexstrasza, which is a pretty exciting thing. Sadly, it's also just a tad pathetic, considering other guilds had a huge head-start on us in terms of their existence, group chemistry, and progression. But, I guess it's understandable though -- the BC kinda turned guilds on their heads and Alex has had it's fair share of guild-busting dramatics (just ask anyone in "RA" and you'll soon understand). Again, I can't say enough about this group of players. We've done very well for ourselves, and it's an amazing time.

Well, it's off to farming consumables for our final Nightbane attempts before reset on Tuesday.
I should also probably start working on the progression post, because this one HAS to be epic, and I'd hate to disappoint. Check back tomorrow for the good news. When night falls tomorrow night, /Apple martinis for everyone. =)

Still to come: "Infatuated," "Imma kill you, Phoibe," "Krarr is SLTMLFLIATWP," "GTFA Blawle," and "Glitz Stops Traffic with Hawtness."


Jade - GM of Prom Kings said...

You'll get the dagger soon enough, gosh. Stop qqing<3

Anonymous said...

holy shit dude, you know how long it took me to get to the first post of your blog? Lots of good stuff in here, and I was only perusing.

I look forward to perusing a little more in depth. It seems your blog is pretty PvP based whereas I spend most of my time in PvE. There are still some things in here that I found very useful and look forward to trying out on my 50 lock.