Monday, April 2, 2007

Glitz Stops Traffic with Her Hawtness

So, this is Glitz. She started out as a joke between a few old guildmates on the server who wanted to make Night Elf females feel fat and inadequate, not to mention con lonely men out of their gold (evil, and I totally love it). Then my wife fell in love with the toon during character creation and took her on as her own. Unfortunately, like my many other attempts to get my wife to be with another woman, the idea was very short-lived, and Glitz began finding herself with far too much rested-xp. I began to play with her a bit, specced her shadow, naturally, and after receiving an epic Robes of Insight in her mailbox from an unknown sender, completely fell in love. =)

To this day, I have no idea who sent the chest piece and had often wondered why someone would so such a thing. But then, I started paying attention to what was happening around me. Wherever I went, no matter what I was doing, other players would come to a screeching halt in-front of Glitz and just stand there for a while, staring, whistling, etc. Sometimes I'd receive random tells trying to strike up a conversation. And hell, once Oort tried to dry-hump me. Creepy, a little, am I right?

It happens all the time, every time I login with the toon these days, and even if it's just for a short moment, it never fails. SOMEONE will stop and stare, completely disregarding where they were headed or what they were doing. I mean, I know the Blood Elves are supposed to be fabulously hawt and all and that they make other races look like beached whales (which need love too, btw), but you'd swear I was walking around town in the buff holding up a sign that said "Stop and Stare, 5g" or something.



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