Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The "Goodbye" Post, Part 1

I didn't really get a chance to say goodbye before logging off and deleting the game from my comp. My urgency to drop everything before I changed my mind about quitting left me with much to say to many people, and that fact has been haunting me ever since I canceled my account. I guess the healthy, right thing to do would be to say what feel like I need to say to the people who impacted me most. You guys deserve at least that much, so, here it goes...

Bixxie: Second-life totally scared the hell out of me, but I'll thank you for the good times anyway. =P
Blawle: Thanks for teaching me humility. You definitely were the best rogue I've ever come across, and you're definitely most lucky that I'm leaving before that PvP trinket gets updated. ;)
Demordrah: The closest thing to a brother in WoW. We PvP'd with the best and never forgot to have a good laugh. Good times man.
Ferraro: /kiss
Gamble: I always knew you'd make it far, and it's good to see the other guildies agree. Always a pleasure man, and I'm sorry about bailing just after signing up for the 3v3 arena team. That is totally my bad.
Ixithra: Man we go back a long way. It was a pleasure playing with you both in your guild and Prom Kings. Thanks for the awesome memories.
Jaderosen: Whenever anyone asked me who the best raiding 'lock on Alex is, I never hesitated to answer "The Jade." Seeing you raid was amazing; you like totally opened my eyes to many new things and I am thrilled to have had the chance to be your partner in crime. Thank you for the many laughs, the good times, and for making me a better warlock. CoEx... who would have ever thought?
Jezzastipsy: Man, I won't be able to play "wth is that sound" anymore, and I'm totally bummed about it. =) It was always fun chatting it up with you man. Those were always fun times.
Krarr: I blame you.
Lycanno: The most mature 17-year-old I've ever met. We had good times even through the roughest of times. From Onyx to AoS to Prom Kings, thanks for enjoying the ride with me.
McKenna: You're freaking me out with those balls, Mc.
Measty: Thanks for your sense of humor, and always providing comedy during your many raiding deaths. =P
Nikto: You were always the most helpful player, whether you were a guildie or not, and I'll never forget that about you. Thanks for everything. Take good care of Six, kay?
Oort: "Click click click click click... always a pleasure." Always fun. =)
Sixis: I was grateful as a lowbie looking for someone to open a lockbox and you always came through. I was grateful to play alongside you in Onyx. Thanks for the memories. Lay off the booze, btw. ;)
Xaytanic (Nahtia): You taught me how to play a 'lock well (thank you for getting me out of that freakin' Mooncloth Robe), and the best part was playing one better than you did. Stop /afking on the server only to ninja-return, noob. /finger
Zyphre: Engineering-ftl. It sucked when you left the server, but it has always been fun chatting it up with you and I know it will continue to be so. ;)

There are so many more people to list. I'll have to get on that later though -- it's bedtime... AT 9:00 P.M.!!!!! /omgloveit


Zyphre said...
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Anonymous said...

die u fucking cocksucker!

JAGOeX said...

Warlocks can't die. Well, not us good ones anyway. ;)

Ferarro said...

AWWWWW, you gave me a kiss?!?!! =*)