Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Nightbane Down! The Good and the Bad

What a recovery! The guild went from having one of our most uneventful weeks in a very long time to downing Nightbane on the 2nd day of raiding since reset! How amazing is that? It just goes to show that when we need to step it up, we totally can, and that weeks like last are totally not the norm. I'm psyched! Totally!

Okay, I'll stop talking like a 16-year-old Cali girl and actually tell you about the good that came out of today's raid. We downed Prince, so there's another guildie with his T4 helm, and our dps got hooked up with a nice melee ring (grats JJ) and that super sweet bow Mal has never dropped for us before and that we've been waiting on (grats Cald).

Our Nightbane kill was the first for the Horde on Alexstraza, and that fact alone was totally worth owning the encounter. He did drop loots, though, and we weren't about to turn them away. A leather dps chest piece went to Blawle because he TOTALLY needs the extra dps (-_-), and a tanking shield went to none-other than our meat-shield extraordinaire, Krarr. The shield is a pretty big deal, so, naturally, we had to give it center-stage in our progression screenie. =)

With all major events, unfortunately, there is almost always a down-side, and our experience tonight is no different. For one, the Prince didn't drop the Mindblade for me. Yes, I'm stilling QQing over that thing. >.<

The other, more important issue is what an amazingly successful night like this does to people who were on backup. I've already had a guildie voice his/her discontent about not being able to directly experience what we accomplished tonight. I can imagine how frustrating it is to be on backup while listening to ecstatic guildies on vent who are taking part in the raid (mostly because I have been there PLENTY of times myself). What I can't understand is why someone, who has a very active raiding and loot history with us, would put that kind of drama-laden burden on the guild on a night that should be totally fun and exciting. It was an isolated incident, sure, but it was still a downer, and even more-so, it was a disappointment.

Anyways, tomorrow is another day of raiding, and although we have a total and complete sense of accomplishment atm, there is still much left for us to complete this week. We'll be paying Maiden, Aran, and Illhoof a little visit, and looking at doing our (and Alex's Horde's) first complete clear of Karazhan.

And to think, we're just getting started...

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Jade - GM of Prom Kings said...

Totally enjoyed last night and I so didn't let anyone bring me down inspite of their attempts to put all of their shit on my shoulders.