Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Just Another Day on Alex...

Some days, the drama on Alex can be dealt with in a swift and mature manner. Other days, it can be one of the most frustrating things you'll ever encounter.

Pretty late last night, we approached a guildmate regarding an important headache of ours, of sorts, that needed attention. Instead of working with us to obtain closure to the situation, the player denied all allegations and totally played idiot in every way to statements we made and questions we asked. What was beyond taxing was the fact that we knew, 100%, that our thoughts on the experiences in question were correct.

In the end, the player still denied all of our accusations, and even got a younger sibling involved in the lie. It was rather disgusting, to say the least.

Finally, the guild has washed its hands of the problem and is moving forward independent of the player in question. I must say that in spite of the fact that our night was made a little more difficult than it ought to have been, I think it resulted in a much more satisfying ending to the problem. Now, thankfully, we can all focus on more important matters without worry. PK > Drama, always and ftw.


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