Sunday, April 8, 2007

Karazhan Clear, Better than Pepsi

Some of you are way too young to remember this (this includes our baby GM, Jade XD), but a while back, The Pepsi Company came out with a soda product called "Crystal Pepsi." It was pretty much a clear version of Pepsi Cola, except that it didn't taste anything like Pepsi at all and was actually very disgusting. It was so ill-conceived and putrid that the product was pulled from production not long after it was released. It was just that nasty.

You know what's better than a clear Pepsi Cola and actually does the word "clear" justice? A clear Karazhan, and our guild was the first to introduce it to Alexstrasza's Horde earlier tonight. We came off of our break (if you wanna call grinding rep and mats for pots a break =P) with only Netherspite standing between us and a full clear. Things started off a little rusty, which was somewhat frustrating, but after making a few adjustments to mainly our healing, and Jade telling us repeatedly to suck a little less, we downed Netherspite in almost flawless fashion. Totally hawt. And what's best? We scored a free day off from raiding by downing all of the bosses with one day left before reset. And by "day off," I mean "more rep and mats grinding!" Good times.

So, if you're on Alex Horde-side and want a peek into a completely cleared Karazhan, give me a holla. Hmm, it wouldn't be a bad idea to charge for tours like that. Afterall, I have to fund my epic flying mount somehow. =P

Happy Easter.

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