Friday, April 6, 2007

Illhoof Down, Goat Cheese for Everyone!

Last night, we finished up more of Karazhan before going into our very welcomed weekend break from raiding. We took down the giant tranny we all know and love, Maiden, that badass Shade of Aran, and for the first time, Terestian Illhoof. It was totally meant to be that we put the spank down on him last night too; my niece was in the room watching me play (I know, such a good uncle setting exceptional standards, right?), and when we entered Illhoof's room, she screams "Kill that goat!" We totally did.

I swear though, that encounter is one of, if not THE cheesiest I have yet to see in Karazhan. It's not that it's even all that difficult or anything, it's just annoying as hell to be constantly bombarded with imp-fire, especially for a caster. Like, imagine you're writing a research paper for a class or something, and a midget is slapping you in the face every two seconds. Annoying, yes? Or maybe you're ordering at a restaurant but some little kid keeps hitting the menu out of your hands every few seconds. Totally annoying, right? That's Illhoof. And I promise, once we get the good loot that he drops, we won't be dealing with that goat's cheese ever again.

Anyway, Netherspite is all that's left between Prom Kings and a full clear of Karazhan, and we have two more raiding days ahead of us before reset. Good times ahead. Wish us luck. =)

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Jade - GM of Prom Kings said...

Once I get the enchant formula he has to offer.. I totally don't want to play with the goat ever again. :(

Cheers to two days left to learn a new boss that isn't all that hard. :)