Friday, April 13, 2007

Bad Luck? Whatever!

So today is Friday the 13th. Totally supposed to be an unlucky and spooky day with the whole hockey mask and "omg Jason rawr!" horror movies and such. I'm not even exactly sure why the superstition exists or how it came to be, really; I think it might have a historical religious origin or something like that. But whatever be the case, today's WoW time totally hasn't played along with the superstition.

This morning, I logged in to check my auctions, and to my surprise, all of my auctions sold for the buyout price, netting me about 300g. Not bad right?. It doesn't stop there. Shortly after picking up that little chunk of change, I performed a Primal Might transmutation, and my xmute specialty FINALLY procced for the first time ever, after over 3 weeks of nothingness! Not bad at all. But that still isn't all. I arrived at the DM Arena to take on Skarr, and a little over 2 mins (2 Dooms) later, I had an Orb of Deception that's now in the Horde AH. So much for bad luck!

So the day went fairly well despite the date having such a bad rap. Who knows, maybe Jason is just misunderstood and is actually a nice guy. Or, more likely, he's as afraid of warlocks as others are of him and feels he must appease us. Whatever it is, I'm definitely not complaining.

More days like this ftw!

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