Thursday, May 24, 2007

Today in Snipets

"That #$% Captain Skyshatter..."

I spent a good deal of time grinding away at the Nether Drake mount quest chain today. Most of that time was spent on the "Top Gun" quests, where you follow 6 different npcs on their flying mounts at high speed, all while they are shooting at you from their mounts. If you fall behind or get shot down, you gotta challenge that npc all over again, and let me tell you, it's very EASY to get shot down and killed (especially since the dragonmaw shoot arrows at you during the quest, which just has to be a bug). The first 5 challenges were pretty easy though. I equipped my Riding Crop and Carrot on a Stick and flew above the npcs while looking straight down to watch their flightpaths. That way, it was very easy to follow their movements and avoid their projectiles, even when things got a little crazy. However, the 6th challenge, Captain Skyshatter, was a completely different story.

Skyshatter (aka Skyshitter) took forever for me to beat, for several reasons. First, the chase is buggy as hell, and the guy kept despawning on me even when I was right next to him. Second, his projectiles (giant, fiery meteors) weren't loading fast enough, so I would get hit, catch fire, and fall off my mount even before I knew anything was coming at me. Thirdly, Skyshatter is on a Swift Netherdrake, which has a 310% mount speed compared to my 280% stock speed. Even with my trinkets, I was moving slower than he was, so I had to move in a straight line as much as possible to keep up (which made dodging the meteors even harder). There are other reasons, but whatever be the case and even excluding the bugginess of the challenge, he's hard as hell. Last I knew, only 3 people had beaten him horde-side (Lunthak, Chloe, and myself), which is pretty incredible if you think about it. I'd tell you how, but as all three of us agreed upon, it's more luck than anything, so I hope you got some with ya when you give him a shot. You'll totally need it. ;)

"Finally, More Warlock T4"

Jade and I have been running around with our Voidheart gloves for some time now. Just to give ya an idea, I was the first warlock Horde-side to get T4, so yeah, it's been a while. We've taken Prince down many, many times and not once has he ever dropped the token for the 'lock T4 helm. I swear the guy hates us or something. Maybe he's in cahoots with... meh... I won't go there. =P So anyway, yeah, the both of us looked forward to our Prince attempt this week. And we STILL look forward to it in hopes that he will drop a helm for us, but Jade's shoulders were taken care of today courtesy of the High King. Yup, our pairing with Halcyon put us back in Gruul's this week and finally got our guild another piece of the Voidheart rainment. I am totally thrilled for Jade and am glad a boss has finally showed us 'locks some love. Hell, I'd recruit the guy if I could. Meh, he'd probably be poa... yeah, not going there. XD

"Hit or Miss"

I learned something in Gruul's today. Actually, it was a thought that was reinforced more than anything. I desperately need more spell hit gear. I've always given spell dmg priority over spell hit, but after my shadowbolts were getting resisted time and time again in Gruul's tonight, and now that Karazhan loot is buffed nicely, I think I can start picking up some hit gear without having to sacrifice dmg output. Should be nice. Hmm, maybe Ruin wouldn't be such a bad idea either...

"Coyotes are KoS"

So I'm lying in bed here tonight and all of a sudden I hear this puppy yelping incredibly loudly down the street. The yelping turns into child-like screams of helpless horror. That lasted for a good 15 seconds. Then, silence. Other dogs in the neighborhood started howling and barking, and it turned into one of those "wth" moments for me. I got out of bed and walked out of the house just to catch a glimpse of a coyote, just like I did a night years ago when my sister's dog was attacked while at my parent's house. She had to be put down that night, and when I got home, I shot a pair of coyotes I saw parading down the street. I've hated coyotes ever since, and I swear if I see one, it's dead.

"Getting Old"

I don't know if it's the season or what, but I've noticed a lot of people getting fed up with the game and our server's garbage attitude lately. I can't say that I blame them -- it's so childishly retarded when someone from another guild won't group with you for a pug run because of your guild tag, but it happens. The harassment of our GM has continued on, and that is getting very old as well. I'm getting to the point where I almost find it necessary to call these so-called men (military men, even... psh) out and even post some of what they've had to say. I'm sure their wives wouldn't appreciate the stalking, obsessive nature that they approach Jade with. Hell, no respectable person would. Hmm, that kinda reminds me of a comment an alliance re-roll made about generalizing the actions of a few to an entire guild. Well, there's your answer. No respectable, good person or group or entity would put up with garbage like that. But anyway, that's an entirely different post, and I gotta save some material for later, so... later. =)


Netherdream said...

this server is loaded with assholes, if the horde was smart all the good guilds would combine into one MASSIVE guild and leave the rest in the dust, chances are with a guild of 500 to 600 horde players that want to raid and have fun while they play would be able to hit raids on all scales for all of its members

JAGOeX said...

See, I look at it on an individual basis. Every guild has at least a few decent people in it, and to me, what's most important is being a good person, not a good player (because you can easily learn to be a good player, but being a good person is much more difficult to accomplish). If all of these people combined into one guild, that would be sweet. But, the reason they are all so fragmented is because they are loyal, even if their situation isn't ideal.

What happened yesterday really got me frustrated though, and helped me to understand why the other officers are fed up. Ixithra, one of the most decent people you'll find on the server, was given crap and would not be grouped with by Stonewarden (aka Stonemaiden), because Ix is in PK. Now, I know there's history between Stone and the guild, but refusing to group with one of our best members in a pug group and making a scene about it is just pathetic. I get the image of a kid holding his breath and stomping his feet until he gets what he wants. And sadly, that's how a lot of people on this server are. Frustrating, to say the least.

Jade - GM of Prom Kings said...

I didn't realize Ix had to deal with that shit. That sucks :(
But we're all better than that shit... and that's why you don't see us making a scene in trade or on the forums... ever.

As for the T4, I felt guilty taking it. Like... I should have taken the other piece for our tanks. But the shoulders look pretty badass on me. I have to put it in the dkp system, but his other drop was the caster dmg belt.

This server is FULL of the worst people I have EVER player WoW with. I have alts on other servers with friends here and there and I have NEVER come across people like the ones on Alex. It's like the WoW Gods took a shit and called it Alexstrasza, Horde side.

Netherdream said...

no trust me, the most retarded assholes of WoW play on Norgannon. Home to Silvan Rangers (who i had been a member of) who pride themselves on ninja looting, racial slurs, and treating their members like utter crap. btw, they're one of the best raid guilds on Norgannon, go figure!

thats why i transfered off norg, just bullshit like that and not wanting to deal with immature jackasses. i still dun get why PK catches to much shit tho on our realm, sometime someone is going to have to fill me in, you guys have always seemed like genuine and nice people imo

JAGOeX said...

Yeah, those shoulders look good, and we'll have plenty of opportunity to get the tanks another piece. If they were to fall again, I would probably pass so a tank could pick it up... assuming I can get the set bonus from the helm off of Prince, wink wink. XD

As for our realm's Horde, yeah, we have some terrible people here. What gets me through issues with them on a daily basis is the fact that I can log and go have fun with people who enjoy my company, while knowing that when they log, they're probably alone and miserable, cause everyone hates them IRL too.

JAGOeX said...

Nether, it's basically because Jade is a girl. It's pretty much what the cause of all of this hate comes down to, on the most basic of levels.

Jade - GM of Prom Kings said...

Jago - Consider it your belated birthday present if Prince drops the helm token and you're actually online for it... because I doubt I will take it until another lock or hunter has their 2 piece bonus. 3 pieces does nothing for me,lol.
Btw... the procc rate on the 2 piece is making me cry :(

Nether - I dunno. I think some of those assholes followed you here.

And... I'm not sure why I get the hate. A lot of the shit talk comes from ex-members... and the only negative thing they could honestly say about me is that I'm too blunt about their lack of ability to either play well, learn, or get along with the guild, period.

As for being a girl.. it's not my fault these little boys' mommies don't love them, but apparently they think so. I bet they also beat their gf's irl. And yes, I mean that, sadly.

Zyphre said...

Jago I forgot your real name. Never gonna forget demordrahs is christopher though.

JAGOeX said...

Thanks Jade. I'm hoping it will -- I desperately need to do more damage. XD

Zy, how could you? QQ

Jade - GM of Prom Kings said...

I know Jago's real name.

Should I put it in my blog for the world to see? =X

JAGOeX said...

Why don't most of the comments ever have anything to do with the content of the post??

Jade - GM of Prom Kings said...

Because we don't like you, Jago.

Arydan/Impervious said...

Ah, Jago. Sometimes I see you flying around Netherwing Ridge and you zoom past me too fast for me to /wave. I'm having fun with the NW stuff so far, I'm about halfway to honored, so I haven't started the race stuff yet. I just can't get over how I look as an orc. XD

As for the ongoing crap hordeside.. see why I'm alliance now?

The difference in the alliance and the horde communities I've found, is that even if there's immaturity and crap, the community is so vast, impersonal and filled with billions of guilds with one word names, all that crap gets filtered through. Horde side on alex feels like a tight-knit, disfunctional family. Everyone knows someone, and everyone hates someone, so it all comes full circle.

If someone from another guild alliance side I haven't heard of starts crap, it doesn't last. The community is so big that one guild's drama with another doesn't even touch other guilds.

As for stone, I don't think he likes me either. I got a /spit emote from him the other day. :D Whatever his problem is, I don't really care. The whole "different faction" thing has solved a lot of problems.

JAGOeX said...

Omg, <3 Ary for commenting on the actual post. XD

You're going to LOVE the Top Gun challenges. They are a fun change of pace from the collection and grinding quests that are out there, and everywhere else for that matter. They're all about reaction-time and luck, so they can get kinda frustrating, but in a "ARGH, I love this!" kinda way. :)

And ya, I see why you and so many others have re-rolled Alliance. The good people are probably enjoying it, while I've noticed that some of the not-so-good have returned to the Horde (I have my guesses as to why).

Personally, I just couldn't do it atm. I can't really even say why. Maybe it's the responsibility of being an officer, maybe it's an attachment issue, or maybe I just don't wanna start all over again. Who knows.

I do know that you are spot-on about the small, tightly-knit family that is Horde-side. It does seem much more personal than it needs to be. Sometimes that's actually a great thing, and I'll always appreciate some of the people I've met here. Other times, it's not so good. But, I have a lot of socially retarded cousins IRL too, so I guess I may just be used to it. XD