Monday, May 7, 2007

Losing a Gamble

The guild had a pretty rough day yesterday. Gamble stepped down as officer after a dispute with two other guild members, and all three ended up leaving the guild when things didn't quite go their way. Fabulous, but it didn't stop there. Gamble left a majority of his materials with the guild, trashed all of his gear, and quit the game. I thought it was a little rash and out of character for a guy that is usually cool, calm, collected, and thinks things through, but he seemed very passionate about his decision to leave, and I respected that. His wife called him a "pos quitter" though. Lol a little. Anyway, I wish him well.

So, where does that leave the guild? Well, we still have a MT issue, but that's being handled. Kergen and Deject have stepped in, respeccing to Prot and picking up some tanking gear so that we can get our raiding fix asap. We should be back in Karazhan later tonight, and I can't wait. Lycanno apparently quit the game, so we're out one of Alex's best druids and players, but we've also picked up some new players that show a lot of promise, and I'm excited to see them raid. Best of all, they have a positive, fun, AND seemingly mature attitude, which is always good at keeping moral high. Also, Jade is working hard on recruitment, so ideally, we'll be hitting the 25-mans soon and passing all the guilds in progression that we flew by while in Karazhan. Quality over quantity will win in the end, no doubt.

Oh, and on a serious side-note, to those of you on Alex who get off on sexually harassing female gamers (you know who you are): we'll put way more effort than required to get you guys perm-banned if you make a habit of it. Think about that before your lonely-misery gets the best of you and what you type.


Zyphre said...

Good thing your a man huh? Pls dont ban me. /eyeroll

Guild crumblng sense tingling though. Watch yourself.

JAGOeX said...

lol, no ban for you.

The guild is doing very well today. Much better than we have been. Baby steps back into full strides. ;)

Zyphre said...

To missteps full strides lead. Eat your heart out Yoda.

JAGOeX said...

Yoda was an idiot.

Anonymous said...

your guild wont reach a 25 man cause your guild lacks heart the fact is if you wanna be in Prom Kings you need to be in Jades inner circle if not your basically screwed and considered shit in her eyes. And to speak of other guilds thinks about it Ill and RA both in 25 mans one thing they have in common that Prom lacks is everyone is equal in those guilds I guess you can say Prom Kings could have been great if not for a bad GM, I may have stayed in Prom Kings if Jade wasn’t there.

Jade is basically the spawn of gorozilla and Sarafin as a GM.

Great GM's of Alex in history

To anyone who reads this guild wise I feel Halcyon probably has the most potential of any guild horde side and I wish I was with them but sadly I let a bad experience with Prom end my time on this server, best of luck to all you who are still there stay strong and beware of Jade =0-0=

Zyphre said...

You see this face? This is my not caring face.

1-Don't be a chicken shit and hide behind anonymity.

2-Cry about it in livejournal then bathe in your tears.

3-Optionally write some poetry about it in your own blood.

JAGOeX said...

lol, <3 Zy. Don't you miss Alex? Hehe.

To the anonymous poster: there are so many things wrong with your reasoning that I don't even know where to begin.

25-mans require heart? 25-mans have nothing to do with heart. Any guild that values quantity over quality can "progress" into 25-mans without an issue. We're not built that way.

Have you ever invested in the stock market? If you have, you know that the most dependable means of return isn't an aggressive approach, but one that is slow, methodological, and careful. Sure, it may result in slower returns than other more aggressive investments at first, but in the end, they are always less stressful, smoother, and can easily result in monetary gains greater than other, more aggressive approaches. That's what our guild is all about - long term stability.
That's why we do things the way we do, and it's done well for us during our more difficult times.

We've recently had our MT experience severe RL issues, and along with a few others in the guild, have taken a leave of absence. I've seen this break other Alex guilds apart, but we're not built that way. We're fine, restructuring, and still progressing and will be back to our initial pace in no time. Just give it time.

I'm sorry your membership didn't work out. We look for mature, honest, and experienced players who are out to have a very good time, but also can take criticism and adapt. Arguing that you "left" because you weren't in "Jade's inner circle" is proof you didn't fit the bill. I can respond to your insults directly, but you already know you're reaching here, just to save your ego a little. Good luck with that.

Take care, Zuelamani.

Anonymous said...

i'm disappointed to not see Prom Kings further along in their progression, i mean cmon kara is only 10 man

but, doesn't change that you guys are a cool bunch

p.s. i'm doin the anyon...whatever post because i dont have an account on here

JAGOeX said...

You could tell us who you are. ;)

And you were on Alex before, so you know the pickings are quite slim horde-side. There just aren't many available GOOD players to choose from these days.

Jade - GM of Prom Kings said...


I got compared to Sarafin and Goro and I'm not even from Alex. I totally win.

Srsly. Join an orignal server, play with people who have been playing since release... meet some GM's that live in the game - then critisize the leaders of other guilds.

The horde are happy to be in Gruul's Lair.. I'm sad about that. I mean wtf? There are SO MANY other instances to be reached... if any of the larger horde guilds had half as much structure and stability as they act like they do hordeside they'd be pushing SSC atm. No one is. At least I don't strut my ass around acting like we're hot shit because we downed a fatass ugly Ogre when there are far too many other bosses to be killed and more on the way very soon.

Anonymous said...

This is someone different than the anonymous poster above, just thought I'd comment on your "Horde are quite slim" comment Jagoex. Ever looked at the census for this server? Surprisingly its about 1.1 alliance to 1 horde.

Gonna have to copy paste the link sorry :(

There are more Hordies then you think ;)

JAGOeX said...

In that same link, it says the activity ratio (which is the ratio that matters) is 2:1. Better than it was (it was 4:1), but still -- twice as many alliance.

Gorganis said...

I would say that PvE progression is a major source of unnecessary drama. Honestly, having a server/faction first is nothing more than a novelty. You don't get anything in the mail, no special items, etc. It's just something you slap on your web site to fire you up.
And Jago--while I agree with you that you need to set standards and seek high quality players, you need to strike a balance. If you spend too much time trying to find "the perfect people" you'll never get off the ground. I think we need to remind ourselves that WoW is not an overly difficult game. Most of us use the same 4-8 skills over and over again. It's really not that complicated and doesn't take that much effort to help someone become a suitable player.


JAGOeX said...

I agree Gorganis, to an extent. Indeed, it's not difficult to help someone along with their gameplay. But when I'm talking about "perfect" players, I'm not necessarily talking about their gaming skills. I'm talking about their attitude, maturity, approach to problem-solving, interpersonal skills, etc. Unfortunately, finding people who handle themselves exceptionally well is difficult in a gaming environment, and especially here on Alex -- that's really what I was talking about.

I look forward to hitting 25-mans. But I don't want to take just anybody that is unguilded in there with me. Ya know what I mean?

And always, thanks for your input Gorg. Much appreciated. :)

Anonymous said...

this is netherdream btw

i know what you mean about a lack of good horde players on this server, its hard, and its even harder when you lose a player for one reason or another and are like " now what, where are we going to find another good person from any given class

i know Gladiators had an issue recently losing a Paladin, although he isn't a real big fan of his new guild so he's going to be coming back. Granted we replaced him pretty quick, but i know the headache your talking about. people who give you a hard time about stuff on the forums you need to remember 1 thing about, either A) they're jelous (sp), or B) they're just loud and annoying to everyone. thats honestly why 99% of the Horde pop on Alex absolutely disgusts me, they're mostly immature pissy kids. Prom Kings i've always had a soft spot for because I think they've got what it takes to be a great guild and has their head in the right place with how they are with people.

they'll be great, but not as great as Gladiators ~_^ keep up your endgame progession guys, hope to see you move up in the charts

Gorganis said...

If despite your best recruiting efforts you find yourself short by a few people I would recommend taking pugs. It's good experience for the guild and also a nice gesture to the server community as a whole, much like how Wyrm held the occasional pug run. It might alleviate the common perception that Prom Kings is, well, xenophobic.


Anonymous said...

Netherdream says:

i already asked Jade once if she wanted to co-run an event with Gladiators and she said no /cries HUGE emo tears

JAGOeX said...

omg Netherdream! Get an account already so you get the credit you deserve and don't get harped on (anonymous accounts seem to bring about the worst reactions from people XD). Thanks for posting. :)

As for the perception of PK being xenophobic, I don't think it's a common one, at least from where I stand. I see a few very loud trolls (Amani and Zuel, for example) that announce their hatred for PK to the realm, but I would hope Alex's players are smart enough not to buy their garbage.

Oh, and we do run with non-members on occasion. It can get complicated with regards to loot distribution, so we try not to, but if the need arises, we've gone down that road before.

Netherdream said...

ok all registered

btw is anyone on the server even close to getting into Mt. Hyjal? i've heard its absolutely the best WoW instance ever says my boss, who's already been there lol

JAGOeX said...

Hmm, I'm not sure about the Alliance, but I don't think we (the Horde) are close-by yet.

Dan said...

It's kinda wierd looking back at this post now. Now that gamble's come back I completely see that all three of us were just having a bad day. And we all just got too heated heh.