Monday, May 14, 2007

Kicking Through Barriers

If you are reading this blog, you are more than likely a horde player on Alexstrasza, which means you somehow lost the WoW lottery when Bliz decided to recommend the server to you, like it did with me. And if you CHOSE to come here via a transfer or whatever, well, what were you thinking?? =P I mean don't get me wrong (I've said that waaay too much lately), I've had a wonderful time and have met some fabulous people here. There are definitely no regrets in those departments. But when it comes to progress, our horde seems to miss a step here and there, and pretty much everywhere, every chance it gets.

While our alliance has SSC on it's resume and is looking beyond, our horde hasn't even attempted Mag yet. It was more of the same pre-TBC, with the alliance tearing through Naxx while the horde barely peeped into AQ40 and never attempted Naxx. The worst part about it all is that people horde-side don't seem to care much about the general lack of progress, perhaps out of frustration. Some guilds are working on it, yes, but when it comes down to it, the discipline just isn't there. You know the kind of discipline I'm talking about, right? The individually-based kind. The kind that makes a person acknowledge responsibility while ignoring childishly-selfish desires, etc. Essentially, I'm talking about the idealistic definition of an adult - a mature, consistent, responsible player. They are hard to come by in a game like this, I know, but they are out there, and there are many in Alexstrasza's horde. So, what's the problem?

Over the years, I've come to know some very reputable players on the server. They are all loyal, mature, courteous, consistent, responsible, passionate, positive, driven, optimistic, and for some reason, have different guild tags beneath their names. I was in Lower City queuing for some BGs when I ran into Slickwilly and Ibiss. Slickwilly says something along the lines of "3 friends, 3 different guild tags" and then emotes the always depressing tauren /cry. Looking around, I see that kind of thing everywhere. Why this is the case, I have no idea, but the Alex horde have seemed to make a habit of it. That may very well be why we're having such a hard time progressing...

Whatever be the reason behind the observation, the fact of the matter is that it's getting kinda old. It's getting rather sad, seeing the smaller guilds lose their less-than-loyal (among other things) members to bigger guilds, leaving their mature, loyal players stranded in Karazhan. It's sad to see those guilds get frustrated, knowing they have the talent, but also realizing that there is a massive shortage of good people on Alex (who won't grab loot and run), so recruitment comes to a stand-still. It is sad that these smaller guilds haven't put a serious effort into working together for the common goal of progress. It is sad that it has taken us so long to realize that such cooperation is what is necessary to kick through the barriers that have kept us stagnant for so long. It is sad... but what matters is how we approach such things now, and Jade, Blawle, and myself are working on it.

It's time to put aside our frustration with how things have gone and start working toward how we want things to be.

See you in Gruul's Lair, Halcyon. We're all very much looking forward to it. =)


Jade - GM of Prom Kings said...

We shall see how it all goes.

Netherdream said...

have you been to gruul's lair yet jago?

good times...

*random gruul patrol crits you for a crushing 15,934 damage*

...maybe...just maybe if i use ice armor...i can cut the damage to 13k >_<

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jade can open her eyes and see suicide is the answer? :D

JAGOeX said...

So you were kicked from the guild, couldn't impress a girl that owns your face at a video game you dedicate your life to, and those failures are a daily reminder that you are alone and always will be. Honestly, I think those are more legit grounds for self-punishment than anything. Btw, grow some balls.

Netherdream, I stepped into Gruul's once just to see it, and omg it looks like a giant cluster-@#$% of fun. I can't wait to actually attempt it. =)

Gorganis said...

I have never been too concerned with how we shape up compared to the Alliance. In general, Alliance seem more PvE minded--and they have numerous advantages that allow them to progress faster and easier than Horde.

1) Overall population. We've called numerous runs because not enough people were online. This is less likely to happen with large Alliance guilds.
2) Established population of paladins. They just make everything easier. Insane buffs and insane single-target healing.
3) Fear ward. How are Horde druids or prot paladins supposed to tank Nightbane, which is a stepping stone in progression? Alliance just have more options when it comes to PvE setups.

And the list goes on. All other things being equal I would expect the Alliance to come out ahead every time.


Netherdream said...
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Netherdream said...

@ the random troll:

can you please stop by gladiators public forum if you get bored and post? i'd love to get your IP address (gotta love being a super admin)

@ jago:

Gruul's lair looks like it should be a great time. we went in with 6 of us and yes we got destroyed, but something about seeing new content makes it soooooo worth it lol. 6 of us in the wrong specs taking a pat with 250k hp down to 97% health isnt too bad imo lol, especially considering its a 25 man run

Jade - GM of Prom Kings said...

The Alliance have it somewhat easier, but that's no excuse for the lack of progression horde-side. Lawl.

We cleared Kara without a single Paladin on any fight. We proved right there that you do not NEED the class, it's merely a luxury. We're the Horde, since when do we NEED Pallies for anything? Horde guilds all over the place took on Naxx and AQ40 without Pallies... why complain now? That's like the Alliance saying they can't do something because they lack Shaman.

Fear ward is for those tanks who cannot stance dance. Plain and simple. If it's that hard, recruit an Undead tank - they have WotF just in case they miss the change up. And fear ward only lasts for 1 fear, it's not like it's there forever.

The only real advantage the Alliance have is their population. Nearly every server is that way, though, and there are servers out there with Horde guilds that are pwning their Alliance guilds.

Those are just my opinions, though. :)