Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Warlock Therapy - This Week

Preparing for a baby encompasses so much more than I thought it would. I mean, I knew it would be eventful and all, but when you actually think about the details, the grandeur is just amazing. There is the standard gift registry, which is a staple of baby-prep, but is also just the tip of the iceberg. For example, my wife signed us up for this "birthing" class where we will be practicing breathing techniques she will be applying during labor. Fun fun. Then, there's the baby shower, and making sure the house is ready for the huge influx of estrogen that'll be here that day. And of course, there's baby-proofing every single square-inch of the house, and going over it again just to make sure everything is fail-safe. Yeah, tons of work.

I am a little excited though, because I have been making good progress with all that needs to be done. Today, I finished painting the nursery two shades of pink; light on the top, purple-pink on the bottom. If one shade of pink wasn't enough to strip away my dignity, two definitely was... just walking into that room is a blow to my manhood, but it's all for the little one, so I'll gladly deal with it, and it's one major thing marked off on my to-do list. =)

So with that project done comes free time to actually post decent content on this blog thing I've been semi-neglecting. But this week is going to be pretty sweet; here's what to expect:

- Open letter to Blizzard: How to fix Affliction Warlocks.

- McDonald's on Obesity: Guess what they partially blame?

- On the Couch: Interview with Clinkz of Nihilum.

I'm very excited to say the least. =)

But for now, I'm off to pick up the wifey. In the meantime, here's to the week ahead. A little more pink, but way hotter. =)



Jesyka said...

Where the hell is the white border and big fucking white heart in that pink room? Prom Kings, style, man.

My dress in the mail to Jade, please... for the love of Jebbus. kthnx. :p

Sigh. Nothing witty to insult you with right now. Too tired.

Jagoex said...

lol, that'd be ridiculously sweet.

Told the cousin to send it days ago. I'll check with him to make sure he did. When are you transferring?

Jesyka said...

Soon as I get the Lovely Black Dress back from that priesty of yours.

I've checked her mail a few times a day since I texted you's, even sent in-game mail to Jagoex explaining,lol. But nothing in return.

PK isn't going away just because she is, btw. Gave GM to one of my alts. Lol... PK will live forever just to mock that server. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, just checked. Nothing, still.

Probably sent it to the wrong name, by mistake. Gone foreverz >.<


Arren said...

Gratz on the inbound baby aggro, Jag. We had our first 6 months ago today and it's been an amazing ride since. Now if only I can teach him the motor controls to farm on my warlock for me...

Arydan/Impervious said...

zomg! Think of any possible names yet? (:

Jagoex said...

@Ary - a few, ya. Nothing set in stone just yet.

@Jade - he sent it and I even visited him on my way home. It's not in any toon's inventory. Any update?

@Arren - thx thx. I'm very excited. =)

Jesyka said...

Must've sent to the wrong name, Jag. Jaderosen never recieved it.

No it's not in my bags. You're worse than speaking with a Blizzard rep.

Oh wells, then. Some lucky fucker got it instead of me. <3 Alex for their (dis)honesty!

Jagoex said...

WTB in-game "sent mail" feature.

I'll follow up on this. Account goes dark today so I'll hustle.

Anonymous said...

Eh, lemme know what you figure out. She's sticking around on Alex for a little bit longer than expected.

Still no dress. Not expecting it, either. No worries, shit happens.


Jagoex said...

Checked all inventory yesterday. Didn't see it. Asked him if he was sure he spelled your name right (told him it even pops up while spelling it in the text box), and he thinks he did.

Submitted a ticket to a GM to ask about outgoing emails, but the account expired while the ticket was open.

Sent an email -- hoping that'll go somewhere. =/

Anonymous said...

dont fret about it, man. like it's just an object in the game, ill live. Lol... was just trying to get it back before your shit expired, but it turned into a mess.

all good. v-day shit is coming back up, can just make multiple alts and do the quest until i get another. ;)


Jagoex said...

True. Glad you're not totally upset.

If Bliz sends word about where it ended up, I'll let you know. In the meantime, I'll make my cousin buy me food, and I'll eat it in your honor.


Anonymous said...


Gamble is back from tour nao. YAY!


Jagoex said...

Wish him well. :)