Sunday, January 27, 2008

Favorite 5-Mans

Those of you looking for a post about mansex, look elsewhere. This is a post about a recent poll posted by Blizzard Blue Bornakk that asks WoW Players, "What is your favorite 5 person dungeon from The Burning Crusade?"

A great question. There are many fantastically designed instances in TBC that look amazing offer some extremely fun and original content for players to enjoy. My personal favorite is the Shadow Labyrinth in Auchindoun, which is always fun and just a bit awe-inspiring, especially in Heroic Mode. There's just something sinisterly exciting about having your entire party Mind-Controlled during a boss encounter and wailing on one another, hoping to see someone, anyone take a fall. >=) Also, having to down a Warlock boss amidst an army of Voidwalkers is definitely something awful and fantastic to see and experience. And lets not forget about seeing that last doorway open for the first time, and seeing the Ragnaros-esque Murmur standing at the end of the hall. Epic for sure.

But to my surprise, the Shadow Lab isn't even in the top 3 picks of favorite 5-mans. And while the poll is still on-going, SL is only in 5th place, so things look bleak for my pick for sure. Here are the results so far:

The Caverns of Time are kicking butt, gathering over 55% of the votes so far! I can totally understand Old Hillsbrad getting the most votes. It's like an RPer's wet dream, freeing Thrall and fighting alongside of him in the Tarren Mill of old. It's pretty sweet to say the least, and well deserves a spot at the top.

But what the hell is Black Morass doing up there?!

BM, I thought, was one of the most hated instances in TBC. When it was first introduced, it was bugged as hell and multiple portals would spring up at a time, making it exceptionally and unintendedly difficult (this was before the instance got nerfed too). Even after it was fixed, all it entailed was the repetitive and almost redundant clearing of spiders, gators, and whatever else outlines the actual event site, then running from portal to portal downing adds until a boss shows up every 6th portal. How can such repetition be anyone's favorite instance?

Now, I must admit, while I do not like the actual gameplay of the instance, the story behind Black Morass is pretty sweet. But unless we have almost 25% of the WoW playing populace actively role playing, I don't see how that many people could choose BM as the best TBC 5-man. Because really, it's not even close.

My two cents. ;)


EvilCheeseWedge said...

I don't think any of TBC dungeons are that great. Most of them, and especially Shadow Lab, suffer from long hallway syndrome.

Hallway, hallway, boss.
Hallway, hallway, clear room, boss.
Rinse, repeat.

It's the same thing in the TK instances, Shattered Halls, etc. The designs are linear to the point of being excessively boring imo.

Jagoex said...

I can agree with that strictly from an architectural standpoint, but you gotta admit, the encounters are pretty sweet.

The best instances throughout WoW imo are Shadowfang Keep, Blackrock Depths, Upper Blackrock Spire, Stratholme and Scholomance. Each has amazing character, and really hold a higher standard to instance design.

But still, wtf @ Black Morass...

Arrens said...

I honestly think most of that voting is looking at the instance from a lore perspective and not necessarily an RP one. I didn't mind BM that much, but I've only ever been there once. Just long enough to complete the Kara key chain. And I hate SLabs with the fire of a thousand burning suns, but only because I've seen it about a million times.

As favorites go, I'd have to say Ramparts is my favorite. It's short, sweet and to the point, without the hallways syndrome that ECW mentions above.

And Jago, except for Scholo to get my warlock mount, I haven't been in a single one of those instances you've mentioned above. Plus many, many others pre-TBC.

Jesyka said...

Sl's didn't get the top because if you factor in the endless running of it when BC was first released, it's probably one of the most overrun places for a lot of people.

It loses it's fun very quickly.

Old Hillsbrad is only fun because of the race change for some people... and the fact that you can zerg it down with chain fears and retarded kiting. I know you remember. Don't act like you didn't enjoy it :p

Of all the 5 mans from BC... I'd say Mech is the most fun (for me). Ample opportunity to enslave little bomber guys and such. It's a quick instance, barring the last boss event. The second boss is a pain, especially on heroic, but she's hot, so it can pass. I always thought it was a nifty place as a warlock.

agador said...

Old Hillsbrad? Really? An instance that's basically a long escort quest...yeah, I'll pass. I'm thinking that people liked it for the reasons that jesyka mentioned as well as the lorefest that it is.

I seem to prefer Ramparts and SL out of the BC instances I think.

Anonymous said...

I know it is not BC, but I love RFC. Every time I hit level 8 I find a group and run it. I just love it.

/whispers (I even run it on my main sometimes just to see it again)