Thursday, January 3, 2008

On the Warlock Forums

Here's a look at a few noteworthy threads on the official Warlock forums, and the important lessons you should learn from them.

@shadowborne: Kalthakubal of Rexxar asks arena junkie Shadowborne why he has been stacking Spell Penetration at the expense of other important stats. Shadowborne's response? A little bit of Resil, Stam, and Spell Dmg lost isn't game-breaking, but lot of Spell Penetration is. Apparently, the arena Warlock was sick of seeing his DoTS ticking for 50-60 per tick, and stacking Spell Pen was a remedy he could work with.

Current S3 Warlock Arena Statistics: A breakdown of current Warlock specs being played in each Arena bracket. The lesson? Even with all of the passive changes applied to our self-healing ability, SL/SL, for the most part, is still king.

Malefic Wings Biologically Impossible: Miranniel of Quel'dorei argues that because of the tears in the Malefic Helm's wing animation, those structures are biologically impossible. Welcome to the Warlock slogan for 2008. Seriously, read the thread. You'll see what I mean. :)

Soul Bag Idea! [Keyring]: Helba of Cenarius wants to put Soul Shards on her Keyring, kinda. She wants SS storage to be similar to the key storage -- expandable. This would require Warlocks to make use of a new UI mechanism that I'm certain Bliz will not design for just that purpose. A more likely scenario would be a shard bag that could be carried inside a standard bag... an idea that resonates throughout many replies to Helba's post.

List of Nerfs in 2007, Happy New Year!: Keelon of Frostmane put together a nice lift of nerfs the Warlock class saw in 2007. What gets me isn't the content of the post (which is taken from WoW Insider), but the reaction the OP receives. Many become seemingly defensive and rude, which I find feeds the Warlock stereotype quite well.

More to come. =)

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