Wednesday, January 23, 2008

SNES Emulator for the iPhone

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is one of the greatest gaming consoles ever released. No bones about it. Those of you lucky enough to own one or to have grown up in the SNES gaming era know exactly what I mean. It was leaps and bounds above the competition in terms of it's hardware technology, and it's software title library offered a variety of amazing titles, some of which are considered the best of all-time even today. And some even call the SNES the greatest console ever created.

So what would that make an Apple iPhone that emulates the SNES natively?

The best phone ever made, that's what. ;)


B of A said...

Jag did you see the latest Blood Pact post on WoWI? I wonder where that douche got his idea????? LOL

Jagoex said...

Yeah, saw it. /smirk

Jesyka said...

What games do you and the wifey play on the Wii?

Jagoex said...

Wii Tennis and Bowling (on Wii Sports) is always popular, and we have Wii Play, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario, and my fav, Guitar Hero III.

She can't wait until Mario Kart is available. =)

Jesyka said...

:) the Wii Sports game is awesome. Just picked up the system yesterday, finally. We got Mario Party 8 and one called Playground tonight. Both have some funny multi-player games that are similar to the sports stuff.

Thought about Super Paper Mario. Mario Kart will probably be fun, I'm looking forward to Super Smash Bros. though!

Jagoex said...

Nice score! I absolutely love the Wii, and GHIII is a must. Go get it. Tonight. Seriously. =)

Scoffo Khadgar Eu said...

man i have to say i was never that taken up by the iphone, its not like i hate apple i play wow on a MacBook Pro for example ^^ but a snes on the iphone?!?! /swoon ill be getting one to the past, chrono trigger, secret of mana ftw

Jesyka said...

Was never a fan of the GH games.

I'd rather just play my real guitar. :p

Jagoex said...

@Scoffo: Seriously right? I mean the phone has just been taken to a completely different level.

No WiFi or out of your network's range? No prob. Play some SNES. Just awesome.

@Jes: Oh come now, haven't you seen the GH South Park episode? Heheh.

In all seriousness though, I played bass and STILL love the game. And I don't really break out any old guitars and rock on. I didn't think you did either, so maybe this would be a happy medium? ;)