Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ban Update: Still Chasing Answers

It has been a few weeks since I was given a 48 hour suspension, but I am just as confused about the matter now as I was back then. After several emails to Blizzard's Account Admins that turned up nothing, I currently find myself awaiting a response to a thread I created in the official Customer Service forum. I know that very little is likely to be solved this way (as the CS community as a whole has reminded me several times already), but even if a Community Manager offers me very little help, it would be more than I have already received. So really, I've got nothing to lose.

Unfortunately, after some promising amounts of activity, the thread has fallen through the cracks, and a Blizzard Blue has yet to respond in it. It's still early and just after holiday, however, so there is still hope.

I'll update as things happen, and thanks to all who have already offered their support!


Jesyka said...

Don't take this as fact, just a thought:

There is an automatic system setup that 'bans' characters that repeat a 'porting' function x number of times.

There is no log of it, there isn't even a person behind the mechinism that does the banning. It's simply in place to stop repeated porting in a short amount of time.

Yes, your instance was brought on by Blizzard due to the mob causing the porting, but... if there is a system or 'bot' setup to ban after a certain number of the same action - then bam, banned without any explanation.

Sadly, it isn't the justice system you're spoiled with. There doesn't have to be any proof and there isn't a jury to decide your fate. You don't even get a trial... you just get the punishment and that's that.

Something to look into, anyways. But may be the source of the lack of explanation you're seeking.

Jagoex said...

Wow. So you're telling me that if enough people report a certain individual, that person is automatically banned? Seems like a mechanism that can be totally taken advantage of. How terrible.

Jesyka said...

Lol I didn't say it had anything to do with being reported ;)

And as I said, not sure if it's true or not... just a suggestion.

Was just saying that there may be a perimeter deal setup that automatically boots you offline and temp bans you for certain repeated actions such as porting.

Nothing to do with anyone reporting you doing it - simply put, the game recognizes you doing it and reacts.

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt you will ever get the answers you are asking for.

I've read and replied to your forum post, but thought I would post here, too.

The problem w/ Blizz is that they are a very 'behind closed doors' type of company.

And unfortunately, we all agree to their silly TOS when we play that says they don't have to tell you anything, EVER.

They can litterally ban you 3 mins out of the box for NO REASON, and you can't do anything about it, and they never have to tell you why.

The people who say there is a reaosn behind this are idiots.