Monday, January 7, 2008

DDR Madness

After becoming addicted to Guitar Hero III this past holiday season, I began wondering why I had not taken notice of this gaming genre before. The fast, coordinated button-smashing music titles like Dance Dance Revolution have been around for a while, but they just never seemed appealing to me, especially in the presence of games like Counter-Strike, which I was totally into. However, with this new-found appreciation for music-based titles, I decided to check out a few DDR clips on YouTube to see what I've been missing, if anything at all.

What I found was absolutely amazing!

This clip is of an apparently well-known DDR gamer by the name of Adam Cohen, aka Admstyles. In it, he completely rocks one of the hardest songs in the version of DDR he is playing (In the Groove 2), only misstepping twice throughout the entire sequence on expert level, and shirtless even!

The guy is definitely a character, with a flavor-full vocabulary and all, but his steps are fantastic so the video is definitely worth a look. Watching it definitely takes me back to the good old arcade days of old. Man, those were good times. =)


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Star said...

That is insane! Pretty cool too ^.^