Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The New Year, WoW Style?

Girl Meets WoW is definitely a girl that knows how to party. In celebrating the close of 2007 and the grand opening of 2008, her Alliance guild hosted a gathering of epic proportions. They invited their Horde friends over for a little Fel Reaver fun, racing to see which faction could kite one to Shatt first. A brilliant idea if you ask me, and incredibly alien being that I played on a realm that had no sense of server pride. But hey, all of us need something to aim towards, and Girl Meets WoW's server definitely seems to be at the social pinnacle of it's game. Kudos. =)

As for me, I celebrated a little bit differently. Every year, for the past 15 years or so, I would ring in the New Year in about the same way. I'd sit in front of my television set, alone or with family or friends, and pop in a copy of Capcom's Street Fighter II, playing for hours until the clock struck midnight. It was a totally uber-nerd thing to do on a night that's supposed to be a total party, but it had become a tradition of mine, of sorts. Playing videogames has always been my escape of choice, and indeed my New Year's SFII habit began as a way for me to forget about a girl that had just broken my heart. Fate has a sense of humor, though. I'm now married to her, we're expecting our first child, and we find out the gender tomorrow afternoon. Funny stuff, but I digress.

This year, I wanted to try something a little bit different to celebrate the New Year. So, we stayed in, but instead of a gaming-fest, we cooked dinner, lounged about with our 3 puppies, and talked about our hopes for the year to come. It was an amazing time, especially considering the grandeur of what it will be like next year. Good times for sure.

I hope you all got to enjoy the transition to 2008 in a very enjoyable way. Here is to an amazing year ahead. Happy New Year, everyone. =)


Girl Meets WoW said...

Yeah, that was hella fun. After the bear conga line and Fel Reaver kiting we all went to STV for an arena deathmatch. Our horde are awesome (at least our friendly rival guild is).

Arydan/Impervious said...


*crosses fingers for a baby girl*

Jagoex said...

It totally is a baby girl! =)

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe i finally made it through your first year of blogging.

You wrote a lot in '07.

here comes '08.