Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Song of the Week: Knights of Cydonia

I know, I know... SotW posts are total content cop-outs and require absolutely no effort to post whatsoever. But in my defense, it has been an incredibly busy day, and imho, there's no better way to wind things down than with a great, kick-a__ song. ;)

This week's SotW is Knights of Cydonia by Muse. If you've never heard of them or this song before, try to imagine a more modern and alternative (read: better) and less flamboyant version of Queen and you'll have a pretty accurate idea of what you're about to see and hear. If that sounds absolutely awful to you (hey, I'm not a fan of Queen myself), don't worry! The song is truly fantastic, and the video is totally zomg epic in it's own right. It's like an old western, complete with a hero, heroine, horses, villian... and robots, and laser beams!

Yeah, definitely awesome.

So without further ado, here's the vid. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

has a six string samurai feel to me.
interesting lol.

Star said...

I LOVE MUSE! Their album Black Holes and Revelations is one of my all time favs. Listen to the whole thing if you haven't already!

Necrobutcher said...

Muse is one of my favorite bands! I like to think of them as a mix between radiohead and depeche mode. Knights of Cydonia is in Guitar Hero 3 which I thought was awesome. I love their progressive style and how each of their albums tell a story.

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