Sunday, April 20, 2008

War Tools, for the Theory-crafter in All of Us

While doing my daily creeping on the official Warlock Forums, I stumbled upon something totally sexy. It is a link to War Tools, a slick new(ish) website that offers customizable talent trees for your inner tweaker. And yes, it's addicting as it sounds.

I've already wasted way too much time putting together an "improved" Affliction Tree for Warlocks, just for the heck of it! Thankfully, the work is save-and-sharable, so all the theory-crafting anyone does is easily retrievable and review-able. Pretty sweet!

Happy crafting. ;)


Anonymous said...

Good find Jag, thank you for posting.

Anonymous said...

Don't judge this book by it's cover. It actually has a great looking lay-out and is very user-friendly after you get past the first page.

Your right it's very addicting. Found a new site to waste time at work!