Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"The Death of PvP"

Take a trip through the Plaguelands these days and you'll notice a very loud and obnoxious silence that permeates the air. The same can be said of Stranglethorn Vail, Blackrock Mountain, and anywhere else world PvP used to take place. For the old-school PvPers out there, the emptiness of these once booming lands is incredibly depressing, and the following video will definitely jerk a tear or two. For the new-schoolers, it'll show you what you missed during the glory days of WoW, pre-TBC, and back when PvP actually meant something substantial.


/salute to High Warlords, Grand Marshals, and Old World PvP. To fighting on the ramps of Blackrock and in the sands of Silithus. To the tradition of cross-faction competition, rivalry, and truly knowing your realm. To the best of days WoW has ever seen, and the hope to experience them again someday.

Thanks for linking the vid, Fuhz.