Thursday, April 17, 2008

On the Warlock Forums: Is Demonic Sacrifice a Problem?

Draele of Thunderhorn started what is perhaps one of the best discussions that is currently receiving a good amount of attention on the official Warlock Forums. In it, he questions the current talent tree designs, and more specifically and significantly, the synergy between Demonic Sacrifice and Destruction.

Draele argues that because Destruction and DS go together so well and form the standard of Warlock raiding, Blizzard will have a very hard time creating a raid-worthy 51-point Destruction talent that players will choose instead of Demonic Sacrifice. He sees DS, therefore, as a limiting agent in the progression of the Destruction tree, and Warlock design in general. He attacks the issue from many different angles, relating DS's power to the poor status of Warlock pets in a raiding environment, for example.

Truly, this is one thought-provoking discussion that is a fantastic and definite must-read. It is full of great ideas and theory-crafting, and touches upon the basic nature of Warlock design. We can only hope the boys over at Blizzard are paying close attention to this one.

Kudos, Draele. Job well done. ;)


Zyphre said...

I have always felt that DS should not be in demo. Its counter productive to the tree... Especially since you have to buff your pet in some manner (tree wise) before you can obtain the talent.

Honestly it should be a trainable spell. I always hated the fact that you had to have pets out or gimp yourself. Make DS trainable!

Even if you have to nerf it.

Necrobutcher said...

DS is such a wacky talent that doesnt fit into that tree. Over on his blog he thinks switching DS and Dark Pact. I feel thats a step in the right direction but not what it should become. Drain tanking is a huge part of the affliction tree and dark pact makes that possible. Everyone of the talents in that tree feed into each other. If DS is going to be moved anywhere it should go into the destruction tree. It matches the flavor of the tree really well.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Necrobutcher in that DS and DP would make things more balanced maybe but wouldn't be the best solution. DS should be in the destruction tree somewhere.

Anonymous said...

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